T-Bone Burnett leaves 'Nashville'

“Nashville” fans will have to face the music - the man behind the show’s sound is leaving.

T Bone

T-Bone Burnett was executive music producer on the ABC drama’s first season. He is married to the show’s creator Callie Khouri, and oversaw the creation of over 100 original recordings and himself produced or co-produced dozens of original songs on the country music drama. He also co-composed the score for all 21 of season one’s episodes.

"His slate of other film, television and recording projects would have made it impossible for him to return for a second season," Burnett's manager said in a statement. He noted the busy producer originally only planned to stay for one season. “He became close to many of the actors on Nashville, and wishes all of them- as well as the show’s producers, writers and crew-  all the best with the coming season.”

Buddy Miller, Burnett’s No. 2 during season one, will take over as executive music producer.

Burnett is preparing music for Coen brothers feature “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

The show has had behind-the-scenes drama since season one wrapped, with with line produer Loucas George, production supervisor Don Bensko and the team in the city of Nashville not having their contracts renewed, or receiving notification by the studio. There have also reportedly been difficulties between ABC Studios and Lionsgate, and word that star Connie Britton was “unhappy with the experience” of season one.

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Written by: KurtK26
Jun 18th, 2013, 6:54 pm

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I was surprised it got a new season frankly it was dull and generic and given Connie Britton is starring in it she deserves better frankly.The music was pretty good i suppose and i rather susect it was down to Mr Burnett it'll be intersting to see if the show improves and the music keeps going on track.


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Message Posted On Jun 19th, 2013, 5:51 am

Burnett is one of the greatest living American musicians. He's won so many damned awards. For anyone who hasn't heard him, I recommend his solo albums, particularly 1992's "The Criminal Under My Own Hat."

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