WWE Hall of Famers appearing on ABC's 'Celebrity Wife Swap.'


Flair and Piper


"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper are two of Professional Wrestling's most recognizable stars. Both men are in the WWE Hall of Fame and both have legions of fans around the world. After battling each other in classic matches in various promotions over the years, the two managed to win the World Tag Team Championship together in the twilight of their careers. And on June 30, these men and their families will be the focus of an episode of ABC's hit unscripted series 'Celebrity Wife Swap.'

Flair lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his girlfriend, Wendy, and her four children, Sophia (14), Sebastian (12), Paris (10) and Summer (9). Ric and Wendy live a very lavish and fast-paced lifestyle and enjoy the finer things in life, spending most evenings out on the town where Ric revels in his celebrity and the attention of fans.

Piper lives with his wife of 30 years, Kitty, daughter Fallon, son Colt and his fiancée, Sarah, on a large piece of land on a mountain in Portland, Oregon. While retired from the business, Roddy's never too far Flair vs Piperfrom the sport, spending his days training Colt, who is following in his father's footsteps as a professional wrestler. The Pipers are a close-knit family who enjoy spending time at home together.

So what will happen when Kitty and Wendy switch places? Kitty has known Ric for years, they're old friends; she may not be too shocked at the lifestyle in the Flair household. Will Wendy know what she's getting into, moving into the home of one of the most notorious villains in WWE history? 

In 'Celebrity Wife Swap,' two mothers of celebrity families, each with opposing values, trade households, lifestyles and children (but not bedrooms) in a week-long challenge. In the first part of the exchange, each mom moves into the other's home and agrees to follow a manual of "household rules" written by the departing mother, including: how to parent, manage their social life, do house work, unwind and more. Everything changes in the second half of the week, when "new" mommy" takes charge, introduces her own set of rules and runs the "nest" her way. At the end of the week the two couples meet for the first time. In a raw, honest and highly-charged exchange of views, the couples will make frank assessments of each another and discuss their experiences. 

The Flair & Piper episode of 'Celebrity Wife Swap' is set to air on June 30. 

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Jun 19th, 2013, 3:50 pm

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