Sienna Guillory Departs NBC's 'Believe'

Sienna Guillory

Shows constantly go through all kinds of retooling after the production of a pilot. Many will recall how ‘Seinfeld’ originally featured a neighbor named Kessler, not Kramer, who owned a dog.

Sienna Guillory (‘Resident Evil’) has had the misfortune of becoming a casualty of this retooling for the upcoming NBC series ‘Believe.’

‘Believe,’ by executive producers J.J. Abrams (‘Lost,’ ‘Revolution’) and Alfonso Cuarón (‘Children of Men’), centers on young Bo, a child who views people with a sort of telepathic ability, seeing visions of everyone’s future. Tate, a wrongfully accused ex-inmate, comes to protect Bo from people who want to use her powers for nefarious means.

Guillory initially signed on as a series regular, playing Moore, a hit-woman set on tracking down and kidnapping Bo.

Believe Pilot

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC’s decision to no longer use Guillory came from a choice to take a new direction with the show, and not due to any kind of poor acting performance. By all accounts, writers of the series will remove her character from the show seamlessly, making no changes to the plot.

The choice of getting rid of Guillory may be rooted in a creative decision to make the world of the show feel larger. This could mean new villains from different settings every few episodes.   

NBC looks to use ‘Believe’ as one of its shows to fill the post-football season void on Sundays.  

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Written by: Robert_Steele
Jun 19th, 2013, 7:43 pm

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