'Luther' star talks third series

DCI John Luther chasing psychos through London on the big screen?


With the return of acclaimed crime series "Luther" just around the corner, series lead Idris Elba teased a few tidbits about the new season as well as possible big screen spinoff.

News of the third season brought with it rumors of a possible transition to the big screen for the jaded detective. Elba noted that the film would center on author Neil Cross' 2012 novel, which follwed Luther investigating a child killer. "It would be an origin story," Elba explained. "It’s definitely a goal for the writer Neil Cross and myself to make a movie and we’ve talked about it at length. The spine of the film will probably come from 'The Calling,' which is the book that starts at the beginning and explores who Luther is and where he’s come from. We do want a new audience, but we also want to keep the fans interested, so we have to tread very carefully."

However, don't expect creator and actor to abandon the show's small screen core audience. "My personal ambition is to see Luther as a film, but I’m very loyal to those who have been loyal to us. So if the audience demands another series or a special episode then I think it should happen," Elba said. "At the end of this season, we’re left tantalised as to what could happen next. So it would be quite interesting to see that."

Indeed, Elba revealed that the third season finds John Luther juggling another chilling investigation while under the microscope himself, followed closely by an anti-corruption squad headed by former colleague Erin Gray (Nikki Amuka-Bird) and her boss DSU Stark (David O’Hara). "[Cross and myself] felt that he needed to be held accountable for his actions after two seasons of terrorising people and breaking the law," the actor teased. "So we’ve brought in a nemesis who holds Luther up the collar and says, 'what the f**k are you doing?'."

He continued, "This season was waiting to happen. The fans have been asking how long Luther can away with doing what he does. And now it’s all going to come to a head."

The new season of "Luther" premieres on BBC1 on July 2nd.

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Jun 20th, 2013, 6:41 am

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Can't wait for this one to start up again. It puts most other cop shows to shame.

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