New details emerge on 'Star Wars: Rebels' series

With the recent acquisition by Disney and talk of more film sequels headed up by top talent, the "Star Wars" universe is generating a renewed buzz not seen in years. In addition to the J.J. Abrams helmed films, Disney recently unveiled plans for an all new animated series, "Star Wars: Rebels," on the production fast track and new details are emerging.

Star Wars Rebels

At the announcement of the series, it was previously reported that "Star Wars: Rebels" would bridge the gap between Episode III and Episode IV of the film series, with a fledgling Rebel Alliance taking shape as the Galactic Empire continues to firm its stranglehold on the galaxy. Now, Bleeding Cool reports that the title of the series not only refers to its central story arc, but also the attitudes of some of its main characters: 'rebel' teenagers.

Indeed, similar to the recent casting call for Episode VII, the animated show will focus on a younger group of characters forced to grow up in a tumultuous time during their turbulent teens.

The site also reports that Mark Hamill was recently announced as attending the 'Star Wars Celebration' Europe convention next month, possibly announcing his involvement providing voice over work for the series. Fans in attendance will be able to glimpse exclusive concept sketches for the series as well as learn more about the talent behind it. Hammill himself, while gaining initial notoriety as Luke Skywalker, has carved out an admirable niche for his animated voice over work over the years.

Are you excited about this new series?

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Written by: kyleiam
Jun 21st, 2013, 12:51 am

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I was until I found out that it would be a teen drama...


Message Posted On Jun 21st, 2013, 11:33 pm
George Lucas may have been overly protective of the IP but imho that wasn't really a bad thing. It ensured the integrity of the universe. Now, Disney on the other hand is REALLY going to town with the IP on all media fronts. Almost feels like a sellout. Sure, they wanna make their money back but just the thought of J.J.Abrams making the new movies sends shivers down my spine - not the good kind. SW has to be a huge epic almost fairy tale like story and the films should reflect that. I do not want yet another wisecrack teenager franchise reboot. But I guess Disney wants to make their money back .... so we know what to expect, don't we ? Pirates 5 anyone ?
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