Whoopi Goldberg to star in Lifetime's 'A Day Late and a Dollar Short'

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has been cast in a role that will take her away from her usual surroundings at ‘The View’. Goldberg has been cast in the leading role of the Lifetime film adaptation of Terry McMillan’s novel ‘A Day Late and a Dollar Short’. McMillan and Goldberg have worked together in the past when Goldberg starred in the 1998 film adaptation of ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’. The announcement was made yesterday that Goldberg had taken the role, and I am looking forward to seeing her display her acting chops again.

The television movie will follow the story of Viola Price (Goldberg), a woman who learns that she is merely inches from her death. Viola becomes determined to solve all her family’s problems and sort out their issues before she passes on. Viola also sets out to help her four children and her estranged husband fix their life’s biggest mistakes, which include problems such as teen pregnancy, prescription drug abuse and jail time.

Goldberg is a fantastic and decorated award winning actress, having won an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy and even a Tony. In addition to playing the lead role, Goldberg will also be executive producing the television adaptation.

The movie is set to premiere on Lifetime in 2014 and production will start this summer. 

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Written by: harrisr
Jun 22nd, 2013, 4:33 am

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