First Look: 'True Blood' (Season 6, Episode 2) - SPOILERS INCLUDED

"The Sun"

Waiting sucks! Luckily, I did not have to wait to see the first three episodes of the new season. In case you missed it, I already previewed the season premiere.

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Here are some teasers for episode 2, which airs Sunday, June 23rd:

The StrangerJason confronts the stranger. Again, I will simply repeat that "things are not always what they seem to be".

The extent of Tara's injuries are revealed. I appreciated the creativity involved in this particular scenario.

Bill is tormented by one of his new powers, which makes Jessica feel helpless. I thought Deborah Ann Woll was brilliant in this episode.

Sookie meets a wounded male on her way to work. Since there is already a clip of this on YouTube, I will just explain it in the spoiler section below.

Sam receives a visit from the V.U.S. (Vampire Unity Society), and Luna's dying request sparks a feud between Alcide and Sam. I was never a huge fan of Sam, but I already dislike the new Alcide this season.
Nora looks for answers in the Vampire Bible, and she has a serious discussion with Pam. Their little heart-to-heart felt a bit forced, to me.

Eric learns of some new anti-Vampire measures the governor has implemented. This looks like it could get ugly.

Jason and Sookie find an ally to help them against Warlow. We finally learn why Warlow is so obsessed with their family.


The stranger, who Jason believed was Warlow, reveals who he actually is.
The drama involving Patrick, Terry's old military buddy, doesn't seem to be over. I hope this storyline doesn't go anywhere.
Ben, the part-fairy "possible love interest" is finally introduced in this episode. I don't trust him. His chance meeting with Sookie seems more than just a coincidence.

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