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Michael Cera

Hey there! Welcome again to the world of Canadian television! As one of the resident Canucks here at TVRage, I have taken it upon myself to educate the TV-loving masses on the sheer talent and number of fantastic Canadian actors and actresses that are infiltrating your living rooms. Here in the land of beavers, maple syrup and hockey, we take a lot of pride in the accomplishments of our home grown talents. I hope that each week I can surprise you with some very famous people you had no idea were from the true north, strong and free! It’s the invading moose!

Last time on Canada, Eh, we looked into the career of Canadian actor, and self-proclaimed superhero “Captain Canada”, Nathan Fillion. This time I will be giving props to a home grown talent, a quirky underdog, the boy next door, the nerdy best friend. Why it is Michael Cera, of course.

Michael Cera playing guitarIf you don’t know who this Canadian talent is, you must have been living under a rock. From television to films, comedy and music, Michael Cera has fingers in multiple cookie jars all at once. While he is now a growing star in the entertainment industry, Cera came from small home town beginnings. Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Cera is the son of an Italian father and a Canadian mother. During a run in with the chicken pox when he was three years old, Cera watched the Bill Murray film ‘Ghostbusters’ so many times that he decided he wanted to be an actor. His first acting job was in a Tim Hortons summer camp commercial. Here in Canada, Tim Hortons is more than just a coffee chain, it is a sacred right of birth and more addictive than crack cocaine. Cera could not have had a more Canadian introduction into the acting world.

Cera’s first role with actual lines came from a Pillsbury commercial, which I actually remember being on the air after I watched it again, where he gets to poke the Pillsbury Doughboy in its tummy.

Cera’s most noteworthy role came at the awkward age of 15 when he landed the role of the equally as awkward George Michael Bluth on the recently brought back comedy ‘Arrested Development’. During the show’s six year hiatus, Cera went on to build himself a successful film career. Cera has the perfect looks and demeanor to play a very relatable teenage boy, and so his films ‘Superbad’ (2007), Juno (2007), Youth in Revolt (2009) and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) launched him into stardom.

Michael Cera in Juno

One of my favourite performances from Cera comes from his portrayal of Paulie Bleeker in the lovely teen pregnancy movie, ‘Juno’. Oh what’s that? You only just got the image of Cera in those little yellow short-shorts out of your mind? (My bad...). Wardrobe decisions aside, Cera was able to pull off a sweet, sentimental and comedic performance in ‘Juno’ that likely made most teen mom’s wish their baby daddy’s had been half as supportive.

Cera has an obvious relationship with comedy and seems to go after roles that highlight his comedic timing. Outside of film and television, Cera regularly lends some laughs to websites like Funny or Die. Let us not forget that time he let the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ give him the ultimate guido treatment just for the fun of it. Apparently Cera was a big fan of the show, but I will forgive him this transgression just because this video is so funny.

Alongside acting, Cera can also add the titles of musician, writer and producer to his impressive resume. Cera is a member of the touring band Mister Heavenly, where he plays bass. Cera also played bass and sang back up for tracks that were features in both ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ and ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’. As for his writing and producing credits, Cera was invited to contribute to the very show that helped to launch his career: ‘Arrested Development’. Out of every returning cast member to the latest season of the cult comedy show, Cera was the only one asked to help shape the series’ much anticipated fourth season.

“Mitch very casually mentioned me coming into the writer’s room a year before we were in production,” said Cera about the opportunity.  “We all did a New Yorker festival panel and we were all sitting around that night. Me and Mitch were talking, and he said, ‘You should come to the writer’s room’ and that was all really exciting. So I took him up on it. I e-mailed him and said, ‘When’s a good time to come in?’ and he gave me a day and I went in.”

Michael Cera mustacheCera is an all-around nice guy who knows what he is good at and seems to genuinely enjoy making television and films. I am happy to say that Cera is a Canuck! However, for the sake of my Canadian pride, can we all just forget that this moustache ever happened? Yeah? Okay good.

That is all for this week’s edition of Canada, Eh? Stay tuned for the next installment for more famous actors and actresses who are proud be to Canadian. I am off for some Timbits and a large-double-double from Tim Hortons, eh!

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Jun 24th, 2013, 3:56 am


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Whoa, that was a an odd nonsequitur, Anonymous... (Terrible name, by the way!)...

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He was recently at a bar in Niagara Falls (ontario) and was quite a douchebag.

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He makes up for Justin Bieber. Thank you, Canada!


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I heart him. He's so stinking adorable!

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