Julianne Nicholson to co-star in Sundance Channel’s drama series ‘The Descendants’

Julianne Nicholson‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Law & Order: CI’ actress Julianne Nicholson has landed the leading female role in the new drama series coming to Sundance Channel. The series, titled ‘The Descendants’, has received a straight-to-series six-episode order.

‘The Descendants’ is being called a “hard-hitting drama” that follows the story of Harold Jensen, a small town sheriff who is struggling to create a balance between two clashing communities: his home town and the neighboring Ramapo Mountains. The Ramapo Mountains is the home to the Ramapo Mountain Indians, and the two communities do not play nice with one another. At the same time, Jensen is faced with the difficult task of keeping his family together in the wake of a tragedy. When something terrible occurs, and is covered up, involving Jensen’s wife Jean (Nicholson) Jensen is forced to make an alliance with a dangerous man from the Ramapo Mountain tribe.

Nicholson’s character (Jean) will be one to test her acting talents. Jean is a recovering alcoholic who is both over-controlling and over-bearing to her family. She is suffering from dementia as a result of her heavy drinking in the past and cannot control her emotions.

Will you be watching ‘The Descendants’ to see Julianne Nicholson take on a new role?

- Julianne Nicholson

Written by: harrisr
Jun 25th, 2013, 1:11 am

Images courtesy of Sundance

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