Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?

It was one of the most popular family sitcoms in the ‘90s, and it was a sad day when “Boy Meets World” said sayonara. Well, that doesn’t mean fans still don’t like to hear from the cast. With anticipation running high for the return of Cory and Topanga Matthews to television in the sequel, “Girl Meets World,” let’s take a look at the entire cast and see where they’re at today.

1. Actor: Ben Savage
Character: Cory Matthews
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
He played the adorable curly-haired boy who liked to get into trouble, but that’s far from who Ben Savage is today. After “Boy Meets World” left the TV world, Savage starred in a variety of small screen productions like “Still Standing,” “Chuck,” “Without a Trace,” and “Bones.” In between acting, Savage dedicated himself to education by attending Stanford University. As a school requirement, he even interned for U.S. Senator Arlen Specter in 2003, and graduated in 2004 with a Political Science degree. He hasn’t had a huge TV or movie career, but he will soon reappear on TV - and reprise his role as Cory Matthews - in “Girl Meets World.”

2. Actor: Rider Strong
Character: Shawn Hunter
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
Rider Strong will always be remembered for playing Cory’s sidekick, best friend and lady lover. Unlike his character, Strong has decided to settle down. Last December, he popped the question to longtime girlfriend, Alexandra Barreto, and the two are all set to become husband and wife. The two actually met while on Rebecca Romijn’s show “Pepper Dennis.” Strong has appeared in a slew of other high-profile TV shows and films including “Bones,” “Castle,” “Veronica Mars” and “Cabin Fever.” Unfortunately, he is still not confirmed for “Girl Meets World.”

3. Actress: Danielle Fishel
Character: Topanga Lawrence
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
During “Boy Meets World,” she was seen as an eccentric individual - especially in earlier episodes - and could be labeled as a “nice girl.” In 2007, that good girl image went out the window when she was arrested on a drunk driving charge. More recently, she made headlines for showing her sexier side in Maxim. Topanga has really grown up. When she wasn’t making the news, Fishel was busy graduating college and getting engaged to boyfriend Tim Belusko. Her acting career has been on the quieter side, but that will soon change when she comes back as Topanga in “Girl Meets World.”

4. Actor: William Daniels
Character: George Feeny
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
Who didn’t love Mr. Feeny? Teacher and neighbor to Cory, Mr. Feeny was always providing words of wisdom. Some might call him a legendary actor; after all, he’s been a part of Hollywood since the 1950s. After the end of Mr. Feeny, William Daniels didn’t shy away from acting, and scored parts in some of the most popular shows. From “Star Trek: Voyager” to “Scrubs” to “The Closer” to “Grey’s Anatomy,” Daniels acting resume is quite versatile. Like his career, his personal life is a success, as he is still married to actress Bonnie Bartlett. They’ve been together 62 years.

5. Actor: Will Friedle
Character: Eric Matthews
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
After Eric Matthews, Will Friedle’s acting career took a different - and successful - turn. He no longer portrays the popular, cute and moronic older brother, but now embraces a voice career. That’s right, he brings all kinds of characters to life with his voice. His roles range from “Batman Beyond” to the “Justice League” to “Thundercats” to probably his most popular role as Ron Stoppable on Disney’s “Kim Possible.” Other than that, Friedle hasn’t really stayed in the limelight.

6. Actress: Betsy Randle
Character: Amy Matthews
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
Like several of her “Boy Meets World” co-stars, Betsy Randle fell out of the acting realm when the hit ‘90s show ended. Her most current - and most popular - role was as Mrs. Winterbourne on “Charmed.” She only appeared in four episodes. Randle is currently married to film editor John Randle. They have two children.

7. Actor: William Russ
Character: Alan Matthews
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
After the “Boy Meets World” series finale, William Russ stayed on the acting train and has starred in a variety of TV projects. That list includes “Deadwood,” “The Sopranos,” “Boston Legal,” “The Young and the Restless,” “NCIS” and most recently, “Vegas” and “90210.” It looks like he won’t be halting his career anytime soon. 

8. Actresses: Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway
Character: Morgan Matthews
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
Morgan Matthews was the younger sister of Cory and Eric, but her role apparently required double duty as two different actresses played the part. Lily Nicksay (left) was the original Morgan and portrayed the youngster in the earlier seasons. Nicksay hasn’t appeared in too many productions, as she took a break from Hollywood to sail around Europe. She has lived in Scotland for the past eight years. For the newer and slightly older Morgan - played by Lindsay Ridgeway (right) - she took over the role in 1996 and held on until the series end. She starred in 75 episodes. Despite not appearing in many current TV shows, Ridgeway graduated from the University of California in 2007. She’s also an accomplished singer and can be seen singing the National Anthem at different Los Angeles sporting events.

9. Actor: Matthew Lawrence
Character: Jack Hunter
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
Hunky Matthew Lawrence first popped up on “Boy Meets World” in 1997 as Shawn’s older half-brother, Jack Hunter. In real life, he’s brother to actors Joey and Andrew Lawrence. Ever since playing Jack, Lawrence has appeared in movies like “The Comebacks” and “The Hot Chick.” He’s made more headlines for his relationships, like when he dated “Dancing with the Stars” professional Cheryl Burke (who he met while his brother, Joey, was on the reality show). They broke up in 2008. He was also engaged to actress Heidi Mueller from 2004-2006.

10. Actor: Lee Norris
Character: Stuart Minkus
Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?
His role was short-lived. Lee Norris played Minkus for only 23 episodes, but he just couldn’t be left off of this list. After dorky Minkus, Norris made his comeback as Marvin ‘Mouth’ McFadden on CW’s hit drama “One Tree Hill.” He hasn’t starred in anything major since. Norris is happily married to wife Andrea Norris.

You can catch Cory, Topanga and Mr. Feeny in early 2014 in the sequel “Girl Meets World,” which airs on the Disney Channel.


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