Bo Burnham's 'Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous' cancelled by MTV

Comedian Bo Burnham became popular through his cleverly profane YouTube videos, but that popularity apparently didn't translate to television. Burnham, responsible for such viral classics as "My Whole Family" and "New Math," launched the MTV comedy series 'Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous' earlier this year. It was announced today, however, that the series has been cancelled by MTV after just one season. 

'Zach Stone' followed the titular character's desperate attempts to become famous instead of going to college, despite his lack of any real talent. The series received great reviews from television critics, but failed to attract a major audience, with the latest episode receiving a paltry 300,000 viewers. 

Burnham spoke about the show's demise on Twitter, and naturally blasted MTV for cancelling the show. "Hey, what was all that one in a million talk?" he tweeted to the network. 

However, it wasn't all negative: "For those asking, MTV airing the final 3 ZS this week, 2 on Saturday, is most certainly a sign that they won't order a second season. I am very grateful for and proud of the 12 episodes we're were allowed to make. And thank you so much to everyone who has watched it. I have had an obscenely lucky life. I am in awe of being able to have made a show and share it with you. Enjoy the end Zach! (for now)." 

Burnham then tweeted Carl's Jr. asking if they were hiring. 

"Always! How are you in the kitchen?" they replied. 

The next episode of 'Zach Stone,' "Zach Stone Is Gonna Go Missing," airs tomorrow at 11/10c on MTV. The final two episodes will air Sunday at 11/10c. 


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Written by: mcpherson
Jun 26th, 2013, 4:42 pm

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Love this show.Cringe in every episode,but has a warm heart.The parents are adorable and the brother is cool.

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