Ken Marino joins final season of HBO’s ‘Eastbound & Down’

Ken Marino

HBO has tapped Ken Marino (Childrens Hospital) to co-star in the final season of Danny McBride comedy, ‘Eastbound & Down’. ‘Eastbound & Down’ stars McBride as Kenny Powers: a narcissistic and self-destructive baseball player. According to Deadline Marino will be appearing in all eight episodes of the comedy’s fourth, and final, season.

The final season will be fast-forwarding the timeline of the series by several years. Last season ended with Powers achieving his long-time goal of making it back into the majors and becoming a baseball legend once again, but he decides to fake his own death and throw it all away to go home and be with the mother of his child, April. Season four will show the Powers family several years down the road where they are living the American Dream in North Carolina.

Marino, who just announced earlier this week that he will be appearing in the movie adaptation of ‘Veronica Mars.’ will be playing the role of Guy Young. Young is a middle-aged athlete who has not grown-up out of his hard-partying youthful ways and still treats every weekend as an opportunity to live the high life. In contrast to Marino’s character, Tim Heidecker will also be appearing on the final season as Gene, "a vanilla guy in Kenny's neighborhood who has nothing in common with Kenny and lacks even a basic sense of humor."

Are you looking forward to the final season of HBO’s ‘Eastbound & Down’?

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Written by: harrisr
Jun 27th, 2013, 1:12 am

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