BBC Two announces several new documentaries


BBC Two has announced a new slate of documentaries that it is working on, with airdates intended for sometime in 2014.

The wallIncluded among the documentaries is 'The Marches: How A Border Made Us,' which tells the story of Hadrian's Wall. The wall, built in Roman times, divided England and later became the line for which England and Scotland split, until the border went away in 1603. This documentary is especially timely, as Scotland is facing a referendum on independence in 2014 and there has been some question recently in the United Kingdom about boundary lines.

A three-part series will focus on Napoleon Bonaparte. Titled 'Napoleon,' the series will "shed new light on the emperor as an extraordinary, gifted military commander and a mesmeric leader whose private life was littered with disappointments and betrayals," according to a BBC Two press release. Historian Andrew Roberts will visit battlefields around Europe and explain how they shaped Europe into what it is today.

Napoleon"The series also paints a controversial portrait of Napoleon, a man demonized as a dictator as ruthless as Hitler," read the press release. "But rather than be remembered as the demon of history and a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, Napoleon was also the man responsible for securing the success of the French Revolution and who put in place many of the features of the modern state."

An hour-long look at the Roman emperor Caligula is also heading down the pike. Although he only ruled Rome for four years before his assassination, his eccentric ways and unique life have made him the focus of interest into modern times.

Caligula"He was said to have made his horse a consul, proclaimed himself a living God and indulged in scandalous orgies - and not to mention his construction of vast bridges across land and sea, prostituting senators’ wives and killing half the Roman elite seemingly on a whim," per the press release.

The final documentary ordered is 'The Mystery of Rome's X Tombs,' which will look at newly-discovered tombs in Rome's catacombs. There are more than 2,000 buried in the tombs, and they were marked with an "X" on the Vatican's mapping system. The show will look at who these people were and why they were buried there.

"These thoughtful, dramatic, highly colored views of our past offer great stories, great arguments and great characters," said Martin Davidson, BBC Two commissioning editor of history and business. "Each of these programs takes audiences on a fascinating journey and along the way they’ll shed a new light on periods of history we think we know so well."

I am a big fan of BBC documentaries and will do everything I can to see these. Do they interest you at all?

- Napoleon

Written by: Hamatosan
Jun 27th, 2013, 7:13 am

Images courtesy of BBC TWO

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