Roseanne Barr negotiating 10/90 deal with NBC

BarrOne of the newest crazes sweeping television is the 10/90 model, which sees programs ordered for 10 episodes, with 90 episode back orders set. So far TBS has used the arrangement with deals involving Tyler Perry projects, and FX gave Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management' the same deal (something it likely regrets at this juncture). FX also has given similar deals to vehicles involving George Lopez, Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer.

It seems like the deal is catching fire beyond cable, however. NBC is reportedly negotiating a 10/90 deal with Roseanne Barr for a new sitcom that will go straight to series.

The show is scheduled to be a multi-camera family comedy and will be the second attempt by Barr in as many years for a new show on NBC. Her pilot 'Downwardly Mobile' was not picked up by NBC. 

The program is scheduled to be a collaboration with 'Nurse Jackie' co-creator and former co-showrunner Linda Wallem.

Why NBC would be interested in Barr is no surprise. Her program 'Roseanne' won Emmy awards and ran for more than 220 episodes. It was also widely syndicated. She has been involved with NBC for a while now in addition to 'Downwardly Mobile,' as she appeared in the final season of 'The Office.'

Do you think this is going to become the new broadcast network model? Given NBC's itchy trigger finger, this seems like a huge risk for the network.

- Roseanne Barr

Written by: Hamatosan
Jun 29th, 2013, 8:23 am

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Big risk can equal big reward... but Roseanne is maybe too BIG a risk since she turns so many people off... Her 'Roseanne' series was good because she had a great supporting cast surrounding her. Pretty much every movie she was the star of bombed.
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