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Hot New Teaser Trailer: BBC America's 'Burton & Taylor'


Burton & Taylor


No, that isn't a photograph of Elizabeth Taylor above: that's a shot of Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor, with critically-acclaimed British actor Dominic West as Richard Burton. The pair are portraying the legendary Hollywood couple in the upcoming BBC America TV movie 'Burton & Taylor.' 

Carter is best known for appearing in countless Tim Burton feature films and will be acting opposite Johnny Depp in this summer's Disney feature 'The Lone Ranger.' West is best known in America for starring in 'The Wire,' the critical and commercial hit police procedural set in Baltimore, Maryland. 'Burton & Taylor' looks at the strange and tumultuous relationship between Hollywood's most legendary power-couple. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were married--twice--and divorced--twice. The BBC America tv movie is set in 1983 after the second divorce, when the pair were still working together as actors, despite their history. 

In 1983, Richard Burton and Liz Taylor co-starred in a theatre revival of 'Private Lives,' prompting the BBC Americamedia to speculate that the pair was headed for their third marriage. The 90-minute BBC America movie follows up a Lifetime TV movie about the very same couple; Lifetime's version starred Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor. With Lohan starring opposite Grant Bowler, 'Liz & Dick' debuted to strong ratings but a lukewarm critical reception. Richard Laxton, director of 'Burton & Taylor,' is confident of a stronger reception for BBC America's offering. At least Carter is far more age-appropriate for the 1980s Taylor than Lohan was in 'Liz & Dick.' 

'Burton & Taylor' is slated to debut this Autumn on BBC Four in the UK and BBC America on this side of the pond. Jessica Pope is acting as Executive Producer, with Lachlan McKinnon producing. 

Check out the hot new teaser trailer below!



- Richard Burton
- Elizabeth Taylor
- Dominic West
- Helena Bonham-Carter
- BBC America

Written by: bad_subject
Jul 7th, 2013, 9:51 am

Images courtesy of BBC America

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