It's a Monster!! It's a Giant!! It's... Colin Firth?!


Mr Darcy statue


Before I explain, I'll give you all a moment to feast your eyes on ... whatever the heck is going on with this statue, above. 

UKTV has decided to launch their new drama channel by making a splash--and that splash came in the form of a 12-foot statue of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, from 1995's adaptation of 'Pride & Prejudice.' In a recent poll, Britons voted the scene where Firth's Mr. Darcy emerges from the water as the most memorable scene in all of television history--no small honor. As Darcy (Firth) emerges from the water, dripping wet and scantily clad, he rushes over to Elizabeth Bennett (played by Jennifer Ehle) in a romantic scene that left viewers swooning and transformed Firth into a sex symbol for a decade to come. So how best to honor that memorable television moment? Well, if you're the executives at UKTV, you erect a larger-than-life monstrosity in Hyde Park's Serpentine lake. 

The sculptor of the behemoth claims that he incorperated aspects of Matthew Macfadyen and Laurence Olivier, other actors who also portrayed Mr. Darcy over the years, however the finished result definitely retains a Colin Firth flair. While Serpentine lake is not the setting of the original scene filmed in the mid-1990s, it is more popular than the actual setting (Lyme Park in Cheshire), and thus the statue found itself here. Eventually, after the initial buzz dies down (and after several children near Hyde Park begin having Colin Firth-related nightmares), the statue will be permanently moved to Lyme Park's pond. 

Nearly 11,000,000 people watched the original episode of the 'Pride & Prejudice' miniseries back in 1995. When the series was released on VHS, over 70,000 copies were sold in the first week alone. 

The famous scene, which you can watch below, launched Firth to superstardom and helped him land a starring role in countless romantic comedies (including the 'Pride & Prejudice'-inspired 'Bridget Jones' Diary'). Now, 18 years later, perhaps this statue could help him launch a career in horror films, emerging lifeless from the water to prey on the innocent? That suddenly seems a lot easier to believe...

- Colin Firth
- Pride and Prejudice

Written by: bad_subject
Jul 9th, 2013, 5:25 am

Images courtesy of UKTV History

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