Nick Gets Zombified, One Couple to Wed on ‘Grimm’ Season 3


Nick Gets Zombified, One Couple to Wed on ‘Grimm’ Season 3


NBC’s supernatural hit series ‘Grimm’ won’t be back until Friday, Oct. 25, but there’s already a bunch of scoop emerging for fans who are highly anticipating Season 3.

According to, huge changes are coming for Nick (David Giuntoli), Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and the rest of the ‘Grimm’ gang. Before we dive into the maybe not-so-good Nick news, here is some awesome dish on Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe. It looks like the two will make their relationship official, as they’ll be walking down the aisle next season!

As happy as Rosalee and Monroe 'shippers might be, it doesn’t seem like Monroe’s Blutbad parents will be giving their blessing anytime soon for his nuptials to a Fuchsbau, "When you marry someone, you marry their family," executive producer David Greenwalt said. "Monroe's mother and father are old-school Blutbads - they may still even hunt, for all we know - and they think Fuchsbau like Rosalee are for eating, not for settling down with."

Nick Gets Zombified, One Couple to Wed on ‘Grimm’ Season 3That doesn’t sound good, but as Grimmsters know, Rosalee and Monroe are not for backing down, especially when it comes to their romance. How do we think Monroe’s parent's will react to him being friends with Nick aka a Grimm?!

For Nick, things won’t be as hunky-dory. Last season left viewers hanging, when Nick was turned into a zombie and shipped off to Europe in a coffin. However, it seems Nick won’t be getting cured right away when the series returns. Executive producer Jim Kouf revealed, "If Nick does survive this zombie state, he's going to be very dangerous. There will be residual effects that will change him in a huge way."

TV Guide Magazine also released an exclusive first look (above) of Nick as a zombie. What do you think?

In other scoop, it looks like Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee) may finally catch on that something isn’t quite right in Portland, when he comes face to face with a Wesen. Speaking of Wesen, Hank (Russell Hornsby) also finds romance with his physical therapist - who is a Wesen - but her folks aren’t too happy with the new found love. I guess he’s getting a bit more comfortable with these creatures.

Are you ready for all the awesomeness that will be happening in ‘Grimm’ Season 3?

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Jul 11th, 2013, 8:02 am

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Message Posted On Jul 11th, 2013, 12:22 pm
hopefully they'd get rid of nick' funny faced gf Juliette really annoying character
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