'Austin & Ally’ Renewed by Disney Channel

austin and allyDisney has begun the production of the new season of Austin & Ally; it’s a fairly popular music-based comedy series. The production began sometime in the summer. The Disney Channel primarily targets kids, and this show is popular with the channel’s key demographic; as it turns out. It is a 30 minute show with Austin and Ally as its main characters; as the name of the show suggests. Austin is outgoing and gregarious, with talent in both singing and music in general, Ally on the other hand is the exact opposite of Austin; as far as personalities go. She is shy and demure, but a talented songwriter. Despite them being poles apart the two of them end up making music together; and quite successfully at that.

The show also focuses on two of their friends Trish and Dez.  Adam Bonnett of Disney Channels Worldwide says about the show that, it has managed to win the hearts of the viewers not only because of the music or how relationships have been portrayed on the show, but also to quite an extent owing to its humorous storylines. He further goes on to say that, the channel is more than happy not only with the actors on the show but also with the team that is behind the scenes; suggesting that it’s the joint effort of everyone involved that has led to the show’s success. He sounded more than happy to renew this relationship, which has been fruitful for everyone concerned. It seemed from his words that he would like to possibly continue this relationship for the coming years, or till its viable. The show in the meanwhile has proved its might, with 5.7 million viewers in the month of December. It’s a number, which can be called more than respectable for a kids show, making the show numero uno as far as Disney Channel is concerned.

Amongst its target audience, there is hardly any other show that is as popular. The music of the show too has managed to create waves, and has more than pleased audiences, the song from the show “A Billion Hits”, stole the No.1 position in the top 30 chart, on Disney’s very own radio channel called Radio Disney. Hence, the show has given Disney very many reasons, for it to be renewed for another season.

- Austin & Ally

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Apr 15th, 2012, 2:49 am


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