Who Will Be in Season Two of ‘Orange Is the New Black?' (SPOILERS)

'Orange Is the New Black'

After a successful first season which launched recently on July 11th, ‘Orange Is the New Black’ will return for a second season. Netflix announced the decision before the show even debuted. Series creator, Jenji Kohan said in a news release, “I am thrilled that Netflix has extended my sentence.”

The show, watched “binge style” by some, with the whole season viewed in a day or two, is part of Netflix’s original programming.

So who will be back for next season?

Taryn ManningTaryn Manning will now become a series regular for the second season. Her character Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, a meth addicted woman born to drug abusing parents, will return, continuing to bring more drama to the show.

Taryn Manning is no stranger to characters with a rough edge. She has played a prostitute in the critically acclaimed film ‘Hustle & Flow,’ and in ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ she played Cherry, a biker gang hang-around seeking to become someone’s old lady.

Manning has said in interviews that her outsider roles are partly due to type-casting, and partly due to her enjoying playing colorful and extreme characters.     

“Pennsatucky,” the born-again Christian with a confrontational spirit, is a role with still plenty to build on for season two. The character was involved in a great deal of self-discovery for the first season, and will no doubt be continuing with this into the next season.   

- Taryn Manning
- Orange is the New Black
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Written by: Robert_Steele
Jul 19th, 2013, 5:15 am

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Very true, but that was quite a bombshell that you revealed there! Just trying to avoid angry readers. Thanks for understanding 


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Respectfully. (Adam?)

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Well, as the author of said deleted comment, I, at least, presumed from the article's title, which reads: "Who Will Be in Season Two of 'Orange Is the New Black?' __(SPOILERS)__" intimated... spoilers.

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Previous comment deleted due to rampant spoilers. Let's stay respectful of others' viewing habits! :)



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