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Black Canary


Ever since The CW launched 'Arrow,' the high-octane adaptation of the DC Comics superhero series 'Green Arrow,' comic fans have been wondering when we'd see an appearance from Black Canary, Green Arrow's love interest and fellow crime-fighter. With the beautiful Katie Cassidy starring in 'Arrow' as Laurel Lance (Black Canary's alias in the comics), fans believed it was only a matter of time until Laurel and Oliver Queen teamed up to take on the dregs of Starling City, side by side. 

LotzWell it looks like the producers of 'Arrow' have a twist up their sleeve: while Black Canary will be appearing in the upcoming second season of 'Arrow,' she won't be Laurel Lance. 'Arrow' has opted to introduce the Golden Age version of the Black Canary character, named Dinah Drake, who will be played by Caity Lotz. Lotz is best known for starring in the television series 'Death Valley' as well as the feature film 'The Pact.' 

This will mark the fourth live-action television appearance of the Black Canary character, however there have been various permutations of the Canary's alter ego throughout. In 1979's campy television special 'Legends of the Superheroes,' Canary was played by Danuta Wesley. Later, a character named Carolyn Lance starred as Black Canary in the short lived series 'Birds of Prey.' Dinah Lance made an appearance as Black Canary in 'Smallville,' noting that she wasn't the first woman to carry that mantle. Now, Dinah Drake makes her first television appearance, to be brought to life by Caity Lotz. 

The character is slated as a recurring on 'Arrow,' meaning a long-term arc is in store for Lotz. There has been some speculation on how the series will handle Black Canary's classic high-pitched scream, which she uses to disable opponents; considering the strict "no super powers" rule of 'Arrow's world, they will have to modify it to some sort of technological assistance. 

Are you a fan of Black Canary? What do you think of Lotz' casting? 

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Jul 19th, 2013, 8:29 am

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Message Posted On Mar 28th, 2014, 8:59 pm
Caity lotz isn't going to portrays black canary origin as Dinah drake , she is going to play sara lance character and while portraying black canary origin arc character and laurel will eventually become the black canary arc character. Caity lotz is just tell laurel black canary arc story and then when she finished telling black canary origin story then the actress might end up leaving after laurel arc story is told as the black canary or the actress might stay on the show but maybe in few episodes per season of arrow show.

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Message Posted On Jul 24th, 2013, 6:17 pm

I'm just glad Black Canary is getting a spot on the show.  Wasn't expecting the Golden Age Canary tho.  Odd that she is a mutant by birth with they intend to implement her "Canary Cry" by means of technology should be interesting.


Message Posted On Jul 21st, 2013, 10:46 pm
Not crazy about them not opting for Laurel to become Black Canary, but dear lord do I love me some Caity Lotz and want to see her as much as possible!
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