Rihanna is Welcomed Back and Eli Manning is Drafted by SNL

rihannaIn February, quarterback Eli Manning led the New York Giants to a Super Bowl victory. It was a memorable moment for each and every football fan. Manning has now been drafted to host Saturday Night Live on May 5th, which might just become another defining moment in his life. The fact that he has been invited to host the show was revealed, during this weekend’s telecast of SNL. This would be the first time that, he would be hosting the show. In the past, Eli has made an appearance on the show only once.

It was back in 2007 as a member of the audience, when his older brother Peyton who is also an NFL QB and plays for Denver Broncos, hosted the show. It would be interesting to see if his performance on the show matches up to his brother’s, or if he manages to surpass it. Meanwhile, Rihanna too has been welcomed back to the show. This would be her third appearance as a musical guest on SNL. Rihanna seems to be a popular choice as guest with the makers of SNL. She shall be a guest on the same day that Eli takes on his hosting duties. The last time this popular and five-time Grammy Award winning singer graced SNL was in the October of 2010.

She managed to rock studio 8H with her singing on that occasion, let us hope she can work the same magic this time round. Jon Hamm, famous for starring in the role of Don Draper on "Mad Men", hosted that episode. In retrospect, the show on May 5th promises to be an interesting one, with an unconventional host on one hand, and one of the most talented and popular singers of today, on the other.

- Saturday Night Live
- Eli Manning
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Written by: jimmy478
Apr 15th, 2012, 3:26 am

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