Next 'Game of Thrones' Beer Slated for September

'Game of Thrones' might be off our screens for another nine months or so, but at least we can drink the time away with GoT-themed beer. (Note: TVRage does not advocate drinking to pass the time until the next 'Game of Thrones' episode.) 

Back in March, we were treated to Iron Throne Blonde Ale, the first of four planned 'Game of Thrones'-themed beers to be released by Brewery Ommegang. And you know what? It was okay. It wasn't particularly memorable, but it was a nice, solid beer from a nice, solid brewery. 

We'll be seeing the release of a new beer in September, and it's a pretty big contrast to the lighter blonde ale -- it's a stout. It's called Take the Black Stout, and as someone who prefers darker beers, I'm already excited. (I can only guess that 'The Stout Is Dark and Full of Terrors' was their second choice for a name.) 

The bottle design is pretty darn cool, too, with an image of the Weirwood at which Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Sam Tarley (John Bradley) gave their oaths to the Night's Watch. It's far more striking than the Iron Throne Blonde Ale art. You can check out a larger image of the bottle below. 

At 7% ABV, this is a stronger beer than previous 'GoT' brews, so you might want to pace yourself, despite how much "The Rains of Castamere" might make you want to pop several of these beers' corks. 

Now that they've covered stouts, what's left? I'm hoping to get a Essos-themed India Pale Ale (since Essos is the closest thing GoT has to India). We've got a while to wait, at least: the third in Brewery Ommegang's 'Game of Thrones' series won't be out until next spring. (So stock up on some stout for the winter!)

'Game of Thrones' returns for its fourth season in spring 2014. 



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Written by: mcpherson
Jul 24th, 2013, 4:09 pm

Images courtesy of HBO


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Europe's probably an even worse bet ;)


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Knowing my luck that nice looking Ale won't be available in Canada.
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