'Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series' DVD and Blu-ray Details Revealed

The seventh series of 'Doctor Who' is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in September, just a few months ahead of the show's fiftieth anniversary. 

Amazon has updated its page for the set to include both cover art and a release date. The cover art you can see below: the release date is September 24. (Note: that's for the US version of the set only -- a Region 2 release date and cover art has not yet been confirmed.)

While I'm a big fan of the striking U.S. cover art for the series 6 set, I can't say I feel as strongly about this art which is, frankly, a little crowded and disappointing. I understand the need for all three companions to be on the cover -- it's a crime to forget Amy and Rory -- but seriously, it looks like it was photoshopped together in about ten minutes. 

But it's the content that really matters, and there's plenty here. In addition to the season's thirteen episodes and both the 2011 and 2012 Christmas specials, the set includes the following features, according to Amazon:

- Behind the scenes featurettes for every episode of Series 7 plus The Snowmen
- Interviews with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louse Coleman from BBC AMERICA's The Nerdist
- All-new featurettes INFORARIUM, Clara and the TARDIS, and Rain Gods
- Other Featurettes including: The Making of the Gunslinger, Creating Clara, Last Days of the Ponds, and Pond Life
- Doctor Who Specials: The Science of Doctor Who, Doctor Who in the US, The Companions, and Doctor Who at Comic Con
- Prequels to these episodes: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, Asylum of the Daleks, The Snowmen (x3), The Bells of Saint John and The Name of the Doctor (x2)
- Audio commentary for episodes: The Snowmen, Cold War, Hide, and The Crimson Horror

That's a pretty solid collection, wouldn't you say?

As with all 'Doctor Who' box sets, the price is a little steep: the DVD set runs $59.99, while the Blu-ray price tag is $69.99. For the show's many die-hard fans, it's probably worth it, but it would benefit the pocketbooks of more casual viewers to simply download the show on iTunes.

But if you're really wanting to put some money into your 'Doctor Who' Blu-ray collection, the entire post-2005 series is being released in one massive box set for $314.98. Better start saving up. 

'Doctor Who' series 7 hits DVD and Blu-ray September 24. The series will return for its 50th anniversary special on November 23. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Jul 24th, 2013, 11:33 pm

Images courtesy of BBC One

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