Michael Weatherly Divulges Meaning Behind Daughter Olivia’s Name

michael weatherlyMicheal Weatherly and wife Bojana Jankovic ushered their daughter into this world on Tuesday. Weatherly the popular star of NCIS and his wife have named their daughter Olivia. The name was picked out by Jankovic, and it turns out that only after they chose the name did they realize its deeper relevance. The 43 year old Weatherly, whose wife is a Serbian has an unconventional sounding name, he explains that it means a warrior. Olivia on the other hand, means a peace offering or an olive branch extended as a piece offering, so to speak.

Weatherly therefore jests that the names are akin to a Tolstoy novel: War and Peace. Despite this “happy coincidence”, the mother and daughter with contradicting names are getting along like a house on fire; reveals the new dad. Weatherly too is bonding with his baby girl, and just can’t seem to get enough of her, but shall for the time being, continue to shoot. He is looking forward to his show on CBS wrapping up in a few weeks time though, so he can devote more time to this new addition to his family. Yet, he adds that being on the set isn’t too bad either.

Weatherly reveals that he felt surrounded by love, as soon as he broke the news of the birth to the cast and crew. According to Weatherly, Mike Harmon his co-actor on NCIS shared his happiness and excitement with a big hug, and everyone else on the sets was also very supportive. It is a surpising thing when actors explain the meaning behind their child's name. Wheras Olivia doesn't really have much of a meaning, Weatherly is happy with what a profound meaning it is to him and his family. 

- Michael Weatherly

Written by: jimmy478
Apr 15th, 2012, 4:29 pm

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