NBC Developing Hillary Clinton Miniseries, 3 Other Limited Projects


Diane Lane and Hilary Clinton


Bob Greenblatt, head honcho over at NBC, had more than a few huge announcements this weekend at the Television Critics Association conference, not the least of which was the announcement of a miniseries about the former United States Secretary of State and former First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton. Currently titled 'Hillary,' the miniseries will span four hours of programming and will feature film star Diane Lane in the titular role. 

Oscar nominee Courtney Hunt ('Frozen River') will script the project which recounts Clinton’s life as a wife, mother, politician and cabinet member from 1998 to the present as she goes from First Lady to U.S. Senator and then Secretary of State. Asked whether the mini would approach Clinton as a great tough woman or a controversial figure, Greenblatt said, “it’s going to be all of those things.”

When asked if Clinton herself was involved in the project, Greenblatt explained that she is likely not even aware of it. Greenblatt explained that NBC closed the deal very recently and it's likely that Clinton will learn of this miniseries at the same time as the rest of the world. 

'Hillary' is one of four limited series that NBC has pushed into development for the coming season, as part of a push for increased market share in the miniseries arena. It seems that aside from 'Hillary,' NBC is relying on remakes/reboots of established properties to bring in the ratings on the other projects. The first is a remake of 'Rosemary's Baby,' a 1960s horror novel by Ira Levin that spawned a wildly-popular Roman Polanski film in 1968. 

The next project is an adaptation of Stephen King's novel 'The Tommyknockers,' which had a TV miniseries of its own back in 1993. The other miniseries announced was 'Plymouth,' which examines the challenges and drama of the Pilgrims’ journey across the Atlantic and the difficulties of settling in a new country. 

These limited series join the previously-announced 'AD: After the Bible,' the sequel to the massively-popular 'The Bible' miniseries from Mark Burnett. There is also, reportedly, a 6-hour 'Cleopatra' miniseries in the works at NBC.

Do you think Lane will make a good Hillary Rodham Clinton?

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Jul 28th, 2013, 8:40 am

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Message Posted On Jul 28th, 2013, 8:11 pm

Sigh, I can't believe they're remaking The Tommyknockers.


Message Posted On Jul 28th, 2013, 9:04 am
Will they cover her and Bill's sexcapades in Ark? Pretty kinky couple from the rumors.
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