Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, to Appear on 'The Michael J. Fox Show'


Chris Christie


NBC and the Governor of New Jersey are developing quite the working relationship. 

Hot on the heels of appearances on both 'Saturday Night Live' and 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' Chris Christie will once again be appearing as himself for the network--but this time, it will take place on a scripted sitcom. 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' NBC's great hope for their upcoming comedy line-up, will welcome Christie to the program for an episode, wherein Fox's character Mike Henry gets to interview the Governor... but things don't go exactly as planned. 

On 'The Michael J. Fox Show,' Fox plays a character quite similar to himself: a television celebrity living in Manhattan who left the limelight due to suffering from Parkinson's Disease, who is attempting to mount a comeback. However, instead of being a famous actor and comic, as Fox is himself, Mike Henry was a beloved New York City newscaster. In one of the early episodes, Henry lands a big interview with Christie, but having been up a couple days straight, falls asleep in the first moments of the interview.

That's right: Chris Christie's chatter is going to put Michael J. Fox to sleep. 

Fox's character Henry also works for NBC in the world of the show. Why is that? Well "a fictional television network didn’t give us 22 episodes," series creator Will Gluck joked earlier this weekend at the Television Critics Association conference. The producers of 'The Michael J. Fox Show' wanted to The Michael J Fox Showfind a way for the Henry character to be recognizable in the community without him being an actor or athlete. They settled on newscaster, and the opportunity for real-life politicians and celebrities like Christie to appear on the program was born. 

Fox was starring on 'Spin City' when he was first diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, opting to step away from acting in order to pursue treatment. Since that time, Fox has authored books and taken small roles on television shows such as 'Boston Legal' and 'Rescue Me.' Now returning to a full-time television schedule for the first time since 'Spin City,' Fox spoke to TCA about the health adjustments involved: "I knew one of two things would happen: either I was going to atrophy as I went on in the year, or rebuild the muscles. And I’m finding I’m rebuilding the muscles. I’m more comfortable with the schedule every week."

Who else, besides me, is looking forward to the television return of Fox's charm and wit? Check out a closer peek at this Canadian actor in Rachel Anne's Canada Eh? 

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Jul 28th, 2013, 9:26 am

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