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At the ripe old age of fifteen, Haley Pullos has a respectable amount of acting credits to her name. Vast departures from the sweet and polite girl I got the chance to interview via email, they show off an ability that will take her as far as she'd like to go. The most notable is her current role of Molly Lansing-Davis who, instead of picking out her parents’ nursing home when they get older, may be picking out coffins before they make it that far.

TVRage: Families are always complicated in Port Charles. The Davis clan is no exception. Molly Lansing-Davis, daughter of world class attorney, Alexis Davis is the youngest of three girls. Her family tree has more branches than a century old sycamore. None of her sibling’s are-blood relations and her mother works for a crime boss. Her nephew has Leukemia, and her best friend is playing yo-yo with the possibility of being sent away. To top it all off, Molly is a teenager whose only love just slept with the first piece of tail to hit town since their relationship hit a rough spot. That sounds like a huge amount of stress for one girl. She and Rafe, the best friend, recently took some of the edge off with a Do-it-yourself-Prom. With your shooting schedule, do you have the chance to attend regular school with dances, or was this your first opportunity for something like this?

Haley: I do go to a regular high school, but since I'm now going into my sophomore year, I haven't had a chance to go to prom. In my freshman year, however, I did go to my school's homecoming with some friends! We had such an amazing time. I've always been worried that I'd never have a chance to go prom, so the makeshift prom was such a fun opportunity for me to experience it - for a week, might I add! I was just as curious as everybody else as to who I would end up going with. It wasn't until only a few days before filming that I found out Rafe was to be my date. Jimmy and I really had such a great time shooting those scenes.

TVRage: This was also the same night that T.J., whom she loves, took their good-bye kiss for something more and decided to break his promise to her and sleep with his date. How is Molly dealing with this? With the situation with Danny we really don’t get to see many outbursts from her because of her family being occupied. Is this something she can forgive him for do you think? Rafe, has made it known he cares for Molly. With T.J. on the sidelines, and her spending more time with him, is she starting to envision him as a more permanent fixture in a romantic sense?

Haley: Molly is extremely disappointed in T.J. for sleeping with Taylor. T.J. is Molly's first love and they made plans to experience their first time together some time in the very distant future. There is a lot going on with the Davis family right now. Molly has had to put her heartbreak aside so she can focus on the bigger problems surrounding Danny's cancer. Molly has really taken on the role of the strong support system in her family. However, Rafe has been Molly's rock through all of her troubles: he's helped her through Danny and T.J., and she completely trusts him. As for anything more than friendship, Molly is still too much in love with T.J. to even think about someone else taking his place. However, I do feel that there are some conflicting feelings hidden deep down inside of her, and she doesn't quite know how to handle them.

TVRage: The character of Molly doesn’t seem to be much for the dramatic water works. Even when she confronted T.J. about his escapade on prom night and his subsequent confession, she was dignified. Is this something you intentionally keep in mind and strive for? I think her handling of it sets her up as a wonderful role model. Girls, your age and younger, are paying close attention to those they catch on television. How do you feel about being seen as someone they should immolate?

Haley: Because Molly has become the strength of the family, she has learned to be strong and stoic when faced with daunting issues. When in scenes like these, I do always try to be strong and not become overly "teenager-dramatic." I love the idea that my character has become a role model for young girls because Molly is such a smart young lady. I hope to always be a positive influence on girls and help them become strong, independent women.

TVRage: GH was not your first acting job. In fact, we’ve seen you in a number of things including “The Collector,” “Dollhouse,” “Montana Amazon” and “Ghost Whisperer.” Is there a role that you’re wanting to take on and just hasn’t presented itself yet?

Haley: As a matter of fact, yes! I have been absolutely dying to play either Alaska Young or Margo Roth Speigelman in adaptations of John Green's "Looking for Alaska" and "Paper Towns." These characters are so strong and mysterious. I've always been intrigued by roles like them, but I have never been able to find exactly what I was looking for. I really, really hope someone decides to turn these two thrilling novels into a film. And if they do, PLEASE CALL ME! 

TVRage: And finally, I have to bring up that the character of Molly is a writer I believe. Will we be seeing her make use of this once more? The inclusion of that talent I, personally, find to have been an excellent choice from the creative minds on GH.

Haley: Molly has officially written a sequel to her first novel "Love in Maine." Her new book, "Maine Squeeze," will available on Amazon in August. I think writing is a great way for Molly (and anyone else) to get her feelings out on paper. It's a way to relieve stress and pent-up emotions, which is a great outlet for her. In fact, writing is one of my personal passions. I love the fact that I'm playing a role that has a similar love for writing as me. I hope to be a published author sometime in the future - I think that would be so cool!

You can find Haley on General Hospital, Monday through Friday at 2pm on ABC. Additionally, make sure to follow her on Twitter at @haley_pullos.

- Haley Pullos
- General Hospital (US)

Written by: Erica_Bedow
Jul 30th, 2013, 6:51 am

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