Maggie Smith Requests To Be Written Out of ‘Downton Abbey’

maggie smithIt has recently been revealed by the British newspaper Daily Mail that, Maggie Smith the veteran actress of many a movie and TV shows has asked to be written out of ‘Downton Abbey’, after Season 3. She played quite an important part on the show, that of Lady Violet the Countess of Downton. Her character on the show is very popular amongst the viewers, with the character of Lady Violet known for her quick wit and acid-tongue.  It’s a part that, Smith has made her own. The show is reportedly filming its third season, and Smith has given her consent to even doing the Season 3 Christmas Special, but has requested that she be relieved of her duties after that.

A source adds that, Maggie wants to concentrate on her movie career and also craves to go back and perform on the stage, and with this show taking up all her time she is able to do neither. Hence she has decided to film until August, and then leave on a high. She feels that, 3 seasons are quite enough as far as her role is concerned, and doesn’t want to overstay her welcome. The signs of her departure were ominous for a while now; with Smith not renewing her contract for seasons 4 and 5, unlike many of the other actors on the show. The fact that confirmed it further, was the PBS executive producer Rebecca Eaton revealing that Season 3 would see the death of a major character on the show. It hasn’t been confirmed as yet, whether it would be Lady Violet who would meet with her demise, but one can make an educated guess based on how the narrative is shaping up.

It would be interesting to see if it turns out to be a dark and morose Christmas at Downton. The curiosity would surely keep all the fans of the show glued to their TV screens at least until Christmas, after which the show might lose a few of its fans who used to watch it only for Maggie Smith. In retrospect, whether it is Lady Violet who is bumped off or some other character, the fact is that the viewers shall no more be able to welcome Lady Violet and her acid-tongue into their living rooms after Season 3. 


It turns out every Downton Abbey and Maggie Smith fan can heave a sigh of relief. The Dowager Countess isn’t going to quit entering your living rooms anytime soon. It had earlier been reported by the reputed British newspaper the Daily Mail that, Maggie Smith would be quitting the show Downton Abbey soon after the end of season 3. It turns out those reports might have been false. The studio Carnival Films which produces the show stepped in to trample any speculation regarding Smith continuing to act in the show. A representative of the studio confirmed that the rumors are completely baseless, and are nothing more than hearsay. It seems like the Daily Mail might have a lot of explaining to do to the fans of the show, who were deeply disappointed with this news. The representative also added that, although it is against studio policy to comment on future storylines, the studio would like to reiterate that Smith leaving the show is news that is completely untrue.

On the other hand, Smith is as yet silent regarding this whole confusion, and even her agents have declined to comment on this issue. It would possibly go a long way in assuaging her fans if Smith or her agents clarified the issue once and for all. Although it must be accepted that, the confirmation by the studio regarding her continuing in the show is as good as it coming from the horse’s mouth. The speculation of her departure from the show was probably fuelled by two things: one was the fact that she hadn’t signed on the dotted line for season 4 and 5 of the show, although many other actors on the show had already signed, and the other was the fact that it was revealed by the PBS executive producer Rebecca Eaton that the end of Season 3 would see the death of a major character on the show. It was then possibly the case of putting 2 and 2 together, and making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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Written by: jimmy478
Apr 16th, 2012, 12:22 am

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