NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice: 10 Widely Unknown Truths


celebrity apprentice


On tonight’s magical mystery tour of celebs gone wild, we learned what the Celebrity Apprentice’s would do witha puppet on their hand and some interesting facts about life.  Read on to be truly enlightened!

1)  Everything is better with boobs. (Arsenio Hall)

2)  As far as vapid model people and vapid stupidity, there will never be an end in Hawaii. (Clay Aiken & Lisa Lampanelli)

3)   Debbie Gibson takes 4 alarm dumps.  (Lisa Lampanelli)

4)  Arsenio Hall has never been to Norwegio, but interestingly enough he has discovered a whole new world, as neither has anyone else.

5)  Lisa Lampanelli makes tears and in fact does NOT like to make girls cry.

6)  People in Asia speak with a British accent.  (Clay Aiken)

7)  When dealing with emotions & people: Just shut up and look at them. (Penn Jillette)

8)  Teresa Guidice has a third book coming out and its called fabulishimisa or something of the sort.  Plug, plug, plug away Ta-Ray-Sa.

9) Everybody who puppets learns at church. (Penn Jillette about Clay Aiken)

10) What’s a device used to keep in gas you ask?  A pencil….I guess that’s metaphorical. (Arsenio Hall & Aubrey O’Day)


Whew! I cannot speak for you TVRagers but we are sure glad we did not skip this episode, think of all the brainfood we would have missed out on.  Overall the teams worked well together, wait, that is besides the two project leaders.  Lisa is a PSYCHO, seriously put a lid on it lady.  Normally I’m all for the crazy but honey you are on TV, at least pretend to be somewhat put together. 


As for Paul Teutul, Sr., the other project manager, well he was fired!  Mr. Donald Trump, you got it right this time.  That man reminds me of my 14-year-old lab, he’s grumpy and just lies around grunting all the time.  Goodbye Paul, it’s been fun! 

- The New Celebrity Apprentice
- Lisa Lampanelli
- Clay Aiken
- Arsenio Hall
- Aubrey O'Day
- Teresa Giudice

Written by: kate13
Apr 16th, 2012, 12:44 am

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