Amir Arison Appearing on Next Season Of 'Girls'

Hannah and Marnie on 'Girls'

HBO’s ‘Girls’ will add another male character for next season. According to Deadline, the show will give actor Amir Arison a run for a multi-episode story arc.

Yesterday, TVLine announced the addition of Natalie Morales (‘90210,’ ‘Parks and Recreation’), who will appear in at least one episode of the show’s third season.

Amir ArisonArison is an accomplished TV actor who has had key roles on Brian Singer’s digital sci-fi series ‘H+’ and the ABC conspiracy drama, ‘Zero Hour.’ He is also in an upcoming Robin Williams Christmas comedy that is currently in post-production.  

The actor is familiar with the setting of the show, having graduated from New York’s Columbia University.  

There is not even a whole lot to spoil about Arison’s role on the show. The only information provided is that Arison will play one of Hannah’s co-workers. His role could possibly involve complications with her relationship, or perhaps her career.

Another possible scenario is Arison's character acting as a suitor for Hannah’s friend, Marnie. It was announced last April that the actor who plays Marnie’s boyfriend, Charlie (Christopher Abbott), was exiting the show due to disagreements with the show's creator, Lena Dunham, about the direction of his character. At this point, we do not know how any of this will play out, but Allison Williams—who plays Marnie—admitted to TVLine that Abbott’s sudden exit had “a huge effect” on her character’s arc. Could this mean Hannah trying to play match maker for her broken-hearted friend?

We will find out during the show's third season, which HBO has yet to announce a premiere date for.  


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Written by: Robert_Steele
Jul 31st, 2013, 6:51 pm

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