Drew Gets A New Girlfriend On 'Parenthood'

Lyndon Smith and Miles Heizer

If there was ever a kid who needed a girlfriend, badly, it’s Drew Braverman on ‘Parenthood.’  He has an absent father, a mother and sister who are drama-magnets, an ex-girlfriend who had an abortion and a less than stable living situation. Can somebody just give the kid a break? Thankfully, things will be looking up for Drew (Miles Heizer) on next season of the NBC drama, and that includes a beautiful new love interest.

'90210' alum Lyndon Smith has been cast in the role of Drew’s new lady, and it will be a major recurring role for the young beauty. Smith will play the role of Natalie, a college classmate of Drew’s at Berkeley where they are both in their freshman year. Drew begins to develop a major crush on Natalie and the two have a bit of a complicated relationship. Natalie makes it clear that she will dictate the terms of their friendship, and anything else that may happen, and Drew becomes just a little bit confused.  Well, it is a step in the right direction for poor Drew, but I hope they don’t make things too hard on him.

‘Parenthood’ creator Jason Katims says that they are trying to portray Drew’s first year in college as a confusing and realistic time. "We really wanted to focus on that first year of college and what that's like for Drew," says Katims. "You think some people set foot on campus and they're just meant to be there, and then with some people, it takes a little bit longer to figure that out. And I think for Drew it's definitely the latter, that he struggles a little to try to figure out where he is. I like the idea of there being obstacles for him at college and having it not be simple."

‘Parenthood’ will be moving to Thursday nights this fall, starting on September 26.  

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Written by: harrisr
Aug 8th, 2013, 7:26 pm

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Message Posted On Aug 8th, 2013, 9:21 pm
As a general rule I fast forward through all of Drew's scenes, so this is not welcome news.
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