Hot New Trailer: 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 6 (SPOILERS)


Ron Pearlman


"Would Clay rat?"

That's the question that haunts viewers after they see this hot new trailer for the sixth season of FX's highest rated drama ever, 'Sons of Anarchy.' Jax Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam) is struggling to hold his club together amidst new threats and challenges from all directions. After a long, nine-month hiatus, 'Sons of Anarchy' returns with a special 90-minute episode on Sept. 10, 2013. 

'Sons of Anarchy' executive producer Kurt Sutter recently spoke about the seventh season of the show being its last, so this sixth season seems poised to set up the endgame. When asked about how he sees the show coming to a close, Sutter cryptically stated that he sees "a pool of blood." How apropos!

Pleading with assembled TV writers not to leak spoilers, Sutter also talked about a controversial ripped-from-the-headlines storyline that will be introduced in the Season 6 premiere and play out through the season. He called this story “a catalyst for the morality play that we’re doing.” Sutter said he had had discussions with the network about the storyline and felt that its combined violence and moral questioning was ultimately “organic” to the themes of the show. “There’s a lot of blood and guts in my show, it’s a signature of the show [but nothing is done gratuitously],” Sutter said. “Events in the premiere are really the catalyst for this morality play that we’re doing.”

Check out the hot new trailer below!

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They really castrated Tig. No more jokes about cold packing or the other strange crap he has done. I miss that.
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