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Over two months ago, Showtime announced the cancellation of their historical drama 'The Borgias,' much to the chagrin of an international fanbase of the historical drama. Since then, an impressive "Save The Borgias" campaign has been waged online... and recently at the TCA conference, the campaign took their pleas directly to David Nevins, the Entertainment President at Showtime. 

Although Nevins remains stalwart regarding any potential revival of the costly period series, a new bit of news has come along which could sate some members of the "Save The Borgias" fanbase: series writer Neil Jordan's planned two-hour series finale script (which now will likely never be shot) is slated to be adapted and released as a prose-style EBook. 

Jordan, who created 'The Borgias' for Showtime, will personally adapt his script into 'The Borgia Apocalypse,' the title for the new electronic text to be released soon. From the onset of 'The Borgias,' Jordan contended that the story was to play out over four seasons; due to budgetary restrictions, Showtime cut the series off after its third season, leaving fans with an unsatisfying conclusion. Not unlike another costly period drama before it called 'Deadwood,' 'The Borgias' developed a legion of fans who are struggling against the odds to try to convince the powers-that-be to film a fourth season--or, at the very least, film the two-hour finale. 

Fans have become so boisterous regarding the campaign that an organized initiative paid a pilot to fly aSave the Borgias plane passed the TCA conference last week, trailing a banner that said "D Nevins: sho fans you care -- save The Borgias." Beyond the plane stunt, a protestor dressed in period garb approached Nevins at the conference, begging the Entertainment President to find a way to bring the series back to production. While you have to applaud the creativity of the campaigners, it seems that Nevins is unphased; his response to those looking to resurrect the series was that the campaigners should try a Kickstarter campaign instead. 

Regarding the upcoming EBook, Nevins had a happier comment: "we’re thrilled that the series’ loyal fans will have the opportunity to read Neil’s final farewell to one of history’s most infamous families," he said in a statement. Back when 'The Borgias' was first cancelled, Jordan told Deadline a bit about the proposed two-hour premiere:

"I wanted a totally biblical ending, for the pope to burn in hell,” he said. He said he wrote the proposed two-hour closer with the pope dying and no one willing to hear his confession. When they finally find a confessor and the pope starts to repent his sins, the confessor interrupts him, saying, “I’m sorry, it’s too late, you’re already dead and burning in hell.” “This satisfies all moral feelings about the pope,” Jordan said.

Are you interested in reading 'The Borgia Apocalypse'?

- The Borgias

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Aug 12th, 2013, 12:36 pm

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Deb Cason

Message Posted On Aug 19th, 2013, 6:46 pm
BORGIA FANS WE NEED YOU & ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS NOW!!!! Please go over and vote for the Borgias as the show to save Thank you all sooo much!! Deb Cason

Message Posted On Aug 14th, 2013, 9:41 pm
Interested? Heck, yeah! Purchased it and devoured it in one sitting! Hopeless Borgias fan, here. Not sure how well it is going to sell, however, as everyone is telling everyone what happened, lol. Perhaps what I like best was Neil tattling on Showtime's new regime. Hahahahahahah. Hey, they tried throwing him under the bus, so one good turn.
Kina Mar

Message Posted On Aug 14th, 2013, 1:39 pm
After reading the introduction of the ebook, Neil sent us a message in his own way. That was the most important part for us; Being that Neil still wants to make it so we will push forward and continue to for a 4th season. We are right on track, don't give up Borgias Family! Please help us get more votes on: SMGO.TV please!!! We will have real options presented from Showtime hopefully really soon! This is just the beginning family! An ebook isn't what we asked for for!! They want to give us table scraps instead of a season or an mini-series. This is such an insult. Don't take this lying down! Vote Now for a mini-series or a movie now at: SMGO

Message Posted On Aug 13th, 2013, 9:34 pm
Hasn't ANYONE learned yet that Borgia fans don't settle? The screenplay was rushed and in the case of Lucrezia and Cesare their realationship and feelings jumped from A to C with no "B tween." SaveThe Borgias are continuing our fight on SMGO TV and will try every avenue of possibility. We are Borgias too and we never give up

Level 2 (24%)
Since: 05/Apr/11
Message Posted On Aug 13th, 2013, 8:20 pm

All the FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS of the series who've been watching it for the past three seasons DESERVE the FOURTH AND FINAL SEASON. Who really wants to see how it all ends by reading an ebook?  Concluding an exceptional series such as The Borgias this way is the most preposterous thing I've ever heard.  I have to add that I'm now so relieved that I didn't invest in the blu-rays yet, because the set will be incomplete without season 4.

Borgias Fan

Message Posted On Aug 13th, 2013, 7:00 pm
Fans are not placated by the release of this script. Feedback clearly is showing that many fans feel that the script was rushed in response to David Nevins' thoughtless canceling of a series that was so obviously supposed to last for at least another season. The introduction, written by Mr. Jordan, says so much when he says that he was creating a "40-hour film". If Showtime and Mr. Nevins think that the release of this "ebook" will quell the series' fans, the network and he are sadly mistaken. This has only served to embolden fans and renew their dedication to work towards seeing a full season of The Borgias. SMGO.TV has joined forces with the Save The Borgias Fan Campaign™ and other fan groups to help fans reach their objective. Fans are being called to join and support the effort. More information can be found on the at: the savetheborgiasfc website United with SMOG TV page /united-with-smgotv.html.
Regina A

Message Posted On Aug 13th, 2013, 1:44 am
I do not think this is going to satisfy the thousands of Borgias fans out here fighting for a conclusion to Neil Jordan’s story. An ebook? That’s how you want to give us our conclusion? NO! I WILL NOT BUY! I do not want to READ THE CONCLUSION, I WANT TO SEE IT… with Francois Arnaud, Jeremy Irons, Holliday Grainger, and Sean Harris!!!! Do we forget that you can check out books for free at the library, or read from my web sites the history of the Borgias? If SHO thinks this is going to make the Save The Borgias fans go away… WRONG!! WRONG! WRONG! Thank you but no thank you, we will CONTINUE OUR FIGHT! savetheborgias . com and vote at for The Borgias!
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