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'Doctor Who': Explore the TARDIS in This Awesome Google Maps Easter Egg

Google Maps' street view has always been a cool toy to play around with; undoubtedly many of you have used it to find your own house or other places you know. But now, it's been discovered, 'Doctor Who' fans can use the service to explore the TARDIS. 

For those of you who don't watch the BBC's longest-running sci-fi series, the TARDIS is the Doctor's spacecraft, a ship that appears on the outside to just be an old blue police box but on the inside is a massive, high-tech time- (and space-) travel device. 

Though the TARDIS can exist anywhere in space and time, Google Maps has it located on Earl's Court Rd in the Greater London Area (click here to see it). At first, it looks like a cool TARDIS prop that just happened to be there when the Google photographers drove by. But when you click a set of double arrows pointing toward the TARDIS, Google Maps takes you inside the TARDIS's console room, where you're free to take a look around. Sadly, you can't venture down the many hallways to explore the library or swimming pool (video game makers, take note!), and sadly the Doctor and Clara haven't been candidly photographed hanging out in the TARDIS, either. 

But it's a cool enough easter egg for us, and a neat indication that somebody working at Google Maps is seriously, seriously into 'Doctor Who.' 

You should also check out the review page of the location on Google, with people reviewing it like it's a hotel. Our favorite comes from Matt Carey: "Terrible stay. Constantly got lost on the way to my room. Even though it was just me the landlord insisted on me having bunk beds. Speaking of the landlord, he was very odd, wouldn't give me his name, just insisted on me calling him The Doctor (Doctor Who?!?)."

'Doctor Who' will next air on Saturday, Nov. 23, when its 50th anniversary special airs worldwide. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Aug 13th, 2013, 3:07 pm

Images courtesy of Google Earth


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Message Posted On Aug 14th, 2013, 8:01 am

Just to address the last two points by annonymous.

Capaldi definitely makes 12. As stated in the last episode: "The Name of the Doctor" - it's made clear that John Hurt's character is not "The Doctor" at all.

Clara:"...who is he?"..."..I never saw that one. I saw all of you. 11 faces...you're the 11th Doctor." Dr.Who: "I said he was me. I never said he was The Doctor...The name I chose...it's like a promise you made. He's the one who broke the promise."

And extra incarnations could be explained by the fact River Song gave her regenerative force to The Doctor to keep him alive in season 6.


Message Posted On Aug 13th, 2013, 9:31 pm
In theory it could be ANY incarnation of the TARDIS. Time and space traveler who repeatedly visits, and occasionally becomes trapped,on Earth. Oh and the anniversary show has a couple of issues. First and most important being, unless there are shadowy suggestions of future doctors they lost the plot in dealing with soothing as complex as a time and space traveler in contact with other iterations of himself. It's like WIND or RAIN Under the dome, should be NO WIND and CONDENSATION would roll down the side. Micro climate my ass. Second issue would Hurt brings us to twelve doctors and Capaldi makes thirteen.Which means the Valeyard best be hanging about. But more importantly some explanation for future incarnations beyond the 13 limit needs to be created.
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