CW's 'Star-Crossed' Adds Their Alien Ambassador


Johnathan Schaech


Johnathon Schaech, who first made a splash in Hollywood in the Tom Hanks feature 'That Thing You Do!' is joining CW's upcoming sci-fi drama 'Star-Crossed' in a recurring capacity. Schaech is presently recurring on 'Ray Donovan' and will appear in 'Star-Crossed' in second-position to the Liev Schrieber vehicle. 

'Star-Crossed' is the story of a group of alien refugees--from a species known as Atrians--who land on Earth and, years later, attempt to be integrated into human society. The focus of the show is less on the political gamesmanship of both parties and more on a pair of star-crossed lovers: a human girl and an Atrian boy. The series stars Aimee Teegarden ('Friday Night Lights') as Emery, Matt Lanter ('90210') as Roman, Grey Damon ('The Secret Circle') as Grayson, and Natalie Hall ('Pretty Little Liars') as Taylor.

Schaech will join 'Star-Crossed' as Castor, uncle to Matt Lanter’s teenage alien Roman. Castor is said to have a dark and shady past as a radical militant Atrian, but he claims to have changed his ways to be more temperate and pro-integration. But Roman still has his doubts — even after Castor proves himself to be an effective politician within the Sector.

Over on 'Ray Donovan,' Schaech (who is a famous actor) is playing a famous actor. At least as an Atrian militant politician, Schaech should have his range stretched a tad further on 'Star-Crossed. 

'Star-Crossed' is from writer Meredith Averill ('The Good Wife') who will also act as an Executive Producer on the series. Check out the trailer for 'Star-Crossed' below:

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Aug 15th, 2013, 8:15 am

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So, it's unfunny The Neighbors.
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