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Lindsay Lohan Gets Guest-Role on 'Eastbound & Down'

Lindsay Lohan

One of Hollywood's most frequent felons is making her way to HBO for the final season of Danny McBride's crass baseball comedy 'Eastbound & Down.' Lohan, who has seemingly spent most of her time recently being shunted in-and-out of rehab facilities and courtrooms, has been booking more than one television appearance lately. Besides this most recent news, Lohan has her own reality series on OWN booked and a promotional tour for 'The Canyons.' Is this a comeback in the making?

Not much news have been released about Lohan's upcoming role on 'Eastbound & Down', including how many episodes she will appear in. E! broke the news first of Lohan's upcoming appearance in conjucntion with a few hints provided by the actress herself on her Instagram account. The rumour mill is saying that Lohan will be appearing as a bride in a flash-forward scene, a guess that fits well with the costume pictures on Lohan's Instagram. According to TMZ, Lohan will be appearing as the adult version of Powers' illegitimate daughter.

Lohan will be starring opposite series' creator Danny McBride when the series returns with Kenny (McBride) living "the American dream" with his family in North Carolina several years after the events of last season's finale. Lohan has begun filming in North Carolina.

The final episodes of 'Eastbound & Down' will return to HBO on September 29th. Are you looking forward to Lohan's appearance?


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Written by: harrisr
Aug 15th, 2013, 3:50 am

Images courtesy of HBO


Message Posted On Aug 15th, 2013, 9:07 pm
So they will be doing a repeat of the Nip/Tuck Sean flashforward?
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