James Remar Books 'Grey's Anatomy' Arc

James Remar as Harry Morgan

Veteran ABC drama 'Grey's Anatomy' heads into its tenth season this fall, and it doesn't appear that the hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace has plans to close up shop anytime soon. The show even managed to outlast its own hit spin-off 'Private Practice,' which isn't a very common occurrence in the world of television. Fans were recently stunned by the surprising news that Sandra Oh will be leaving the show later this year, but it seems that as Oh was walking out the door, a respected character actor walked in.

James Remar is probably best known to TV fans as 'Dexter's adoptive father Harry Morgan, but the actor has carved out a long and distinguished career for himself over the past three decades. Remar played charismatic villain/occasional reluctant hero Jonah Prowse on the fondly remembered CBS series 'Jericho,' and also showed his range playing suave hotel magnate Richard Wright on HBO's 'Sex and the City.' Those three roles only scratch the surface of Remar's filmography. In short, when a Hollywood producer wants an authoritative actor who won't phone it in, he calls James Remar's agent.

As for the actual role Remar will play on 'Grey's, well...we don't really know what that is yet. According to TVLine, Shonda Rhimes isn't talking, and neither is ABC. What is confirmed is that Remar's arc will run for multiple episodes of year ten, and that he'll make his debut not too long after the season premiere. One thing is for sure though, no matter what his character does, it'll be interesting. Why? Because he's James Remar. The man could read the phonebook and make it engaging.

Are you pleased that James Remar will be appearing on the tenth season of 'Grey's Anatomy'? Or have you long since given up on the show?

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Written by: msd85
Aug 18th, 2013, 5:30 am

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You're right Anonymous. The text has been changed to reflect that. My apologies for the error.


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The hospital is no longer called Seatle Grace. They renamed it after the buy out.
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