The Show Must Go On: Teaser Trailer for 'Glee' Season 5


Glee season 5


Despite the sadness and tragedy surrounding 'Glee' over these past few weeks, there is a fifth season coming and the show must go on. FOX released this teaser trailer for the upcoming season and the tone of the promo is... decidedly upbeat. After Cory Monteith's tragic passing, many anticipated the advertising for 'Glee's return to be somber, pulling in viewers curious to find out how the series plans to handle Monteith's passing (and the subsequent character-death of Finn Hudson). Of course, fans of the series will get the opportunity to tune in to the third episode of the fifth season to witness what is being described as a "celebration of [Monteith'] life" in a memorial episode. In the interim, we've got two The Beatles-themed episodes on the way, and 'Glee' is primed to continue to do what 'Glee' does best: entertain. 

The trailer itself is called 'Once Again.' There is no mention nor reference to Monteith's character Finn at any point in the promo. The release of the teaser serves as a timely reminder that, despite Monteith's death, we've got an entire 'Glee' season to look forward to. 

The fifth season is slated to debut on Sept. 26, 2013 with the first of the pair of The Beatles-themed episodes. After the third episode featuring the memorial, 'Glee' will take a few weeks off to account for the break in production which the cast and crew were alotted. The break will hopefully allow fans of the series to process Monteith's passing and return, ready for the usual comedy and drama of 'Glee.' 

Have a look at the upbeat teaser below!


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Aug 18th, 2013, 8:01 am

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