‘Idol’ Losing The Young Viewer Battle To ‘The Voice’

With their popular and fresh take on musical talent ‘The Voice’ nabs ‘American Idol’s’ young market and leaves ‘Idol’ with the mid-life crises market.

“ ‘Idol’ is indeed aging,” says Jeffrey McCall, communications professor at DePauw University. “And it will likely never regain the ratings it once boasted.”

The question being asked is what does this mean for ‘Idol’ advertisers who together generated a total of $688 million last year. A number that is down seven percent from the previous year, according to estimate from Kantar Media. In comparison, the newer show ‘The Voice’ brought in $57 million last year. This NBC primetime favorite has prospects for another season, although the network has not yet confirmed.

As ‘Idol’ tends to stick to music themes, which many argue seem outdated and old compared to the mostly young contestants, like the recent Billy Joel themed night. An increasingly strong attack as viewership has dropped 30 percent among teens and twenty-something’s. While ‘The Voice’ tends to revel safe alternatives and opt for choices like Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.”

As for a median age group for each show, the difference is only 5 years. ‘Idol's’ average viewer is 48 years old, while ‘The Voice’ average viewer is 43 years old.

As young viewers still watch ‘Idol’ the numbers are dropping and analysts agree that war between singing shows won’t end anytime soon.

“ ‘The Voice’ does seem to have that ‘cool’ factor now, but ‘cool’ in TV can be quite fleeting…” said McCall.


 Source: Detroit Free Press






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