Connecticut 'Breaking Bad' Fans Call 911 Over Cable Outage


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Fairfield, Connecticut is famous for being the town where the hit show 'Who's the Boss?' took place. Now, Fairfield is making television news for a very different reason. 

The temporary loss of cable service in a small part of Connecticut on Aug. 18, 2013 resulted in numerous 911 calls, flooding emergency service lines with complaints about something that is inarguably not an emergency. Why all of the frantic reactions? Because the loss occurred over the timeslot of 'Breaking Bad,' presently airing its final new episodes. Fans of this show take it very, very seriously. 

The Fairfield, Connecticut police department didn't find the experience amusing; they posted a reminder on their Facebook page (which has since been deleted) noting that a loss of cable service is "neither an emergency or a police related concern" and reminded people they could be prosecuted for jamming up the 911 system with frivolous calls. Now, it is likely that some of the calls came from sports fans, as both the New York Yankees and New York Giants were playing in their respective leagues that night, however it seems to be the 'Breaking Bad' fans who were most panicked over the ordeal. 

Cablevision, which provides cable service in the area, says a power outage at one of its facilities was to blame for the lost service and things were up and running by 11 p.m. EST. If you happened to miss the episode don't call the cops: AMC provides handy replays in the wee hours Tuesday and Thursday and right before the new episode on Sunday, Aug. 25.

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