Cole Hauser is Going 'Rogue'


Cole Hauser


As DirecTV's original scripted drama 'Rogue' wrapped up its first season, Thandie Newton's character Grace had avenged the death of her son, starring opposite Martin Csokas' character Jimmy. Now, with Jimmy's story having come to a close, 'Rogue' is in need of a new male lead to co-star with Newton: they found it in Cole Hauser.

Thirty-eight year-old Cole Hauser is known for his feature film work in movies like 'Good Will Hunting' and '2 Fast 2 Furious,' but he has also appeared on several television shows including 'ER' and, more recently, 'Chase.' On 'Chase,' Hauser starred as Jimmy, a member of a team that hunts down fugitive criminals. Hauser will be able to draw on that for his role in 'Rogue,' where he'll play Ethan, a former soldier who runs a security firm. Thandie Newton

"After finally avenging her son’s death, in Season 2 Grace Travis (Newton) moves on with her life and is assigned, as a handler, to an FBI task force investigating a local prostitution ring. However, when circumstances conspire against her, Grace is faced with the difficult decision to go back undercover inside a  security firm founded by Ethan (Hauser). A former soldier who left law school to enlist in the military after 9/11, Ethan runs his security firm with three former military buddies who are all united by a terrible secret, a dark event that has quietly haunted them for years."

The second season of 'Rogue' will debut in 2014 on Audience Network. Formerly known as The 101 Network, Audience is DirecTV's exclusive entertainment television channel. 'Rogue' is one of Audience's only original dramas and DirecTV has proven a willingness to shell out the cash for quality, established actors and production crew members. 

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Aug 21st, 2013, 6:14 am

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