Ben Stiller Producing 'Big Time in Hollywood, FL' for Comedy Central


Anfanger and Schimpf


Ben Stiller has been branching out in the world of feature film and television production and for his latest project his company Red Hour is taking a chance on a webseries comedy team. Comedy Central has given the greenlight to 'Big Time in Hollywood, FL,' a comedy project from the webseries writing duo of Dan Schimpf and Alex Anfanger. 

'Big Time in Hollywood, FL' is a single-camera project that has already signed two recognizable comedy veterans to play the parents of Schimpf and Anfanger's brother characters: Kathy Baker and Stephen BakerTobolowsky. Baker recently starred in the series 'Against the Wall' and Tobolowsky has been recurring as Stu on 'Californication.' 'Big Time in Hollywood, FL' follows two delusional brothers, who are self-proclaimed filmmakers, as they are kicked out of their parents’ (Baker, Tobolowsky) Tobolowskyhouse and end up on an epic cinematic journey.

Schimpf and Anfanger have recently been writing and starring in 'Next Time on Lonny,' a webseries which garnered a lot of attention from Hollywood higher-ups. The duo met after being randomly assigned to one another as roommates in their freshman year at NYU Tisch Arts, a program they graduated from in 2008. The pair began collaborating on comedic short films immediately before finding success with 'Next Time on Lonny.' Anfanger, who stars as the title character Lonny in the series, will also be appearing in Ben Stiller's upcoming feature film 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.' 

Check out the first episode of the strange series 'Next Time on Lonny' below! (warning: coarse language and adult content)

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Aug 22nd, 2013, 9:10 pm

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