'Psych' Exec-producer Todd Harthan Sells New Buddy Show 'Kill Zone'

Boozing on 'Psych'

Todd Harthan, writer/producer of ‘Psych,’ has put together a new buddy show for FOX. The series, called  ‘Kill Zone,’ will be an hour-long drama.

Harthan has previously written for ‘Crash’ and ‘The Kill Point.’

Secret Service veteran Dole Green partners with rookie Chad Burke. Dole is a 10-year veteran of the Secret Service, and he must work with Burke to protect the President of the United States from a credible threat on his life. As the pair begin to discover a cover-up at the highest levels, we see a different side of the Secret Service, as the two live hard and play hard.  

Todd HarthanThe last part conjures up the Secret Service scandal that occurred in Columbia over a year ago. A booze-fueled night of wild antics began with 13 Secret Service agents checking into the Hotel Caribe in the city of Cartagena. With 48-hours of free time before the President’s arrival, the agents went into the city looking for some fun. Later that night, after a prostitute claimed she wasn’t paid for her services, a commotion erupted at the hotel. An angry Hotel Manager called the U.S. Embassy, and soon the story became an international scandal.

That such an event or similar would occur on ‘Kill Zone’ may not be the case. Even though the show is described as a drama, Deadline indicates the duo will have a “humour-laced relationship.” We may see some of this come through in some wild nights of partying around different cities all over the world. Mixed with that would be the serious plot as they try to protect the President.

Are you interested in a new buddy show from Harthan?  

- Todd Harthan
- Psych

Written by: Robert_Steele
Aug 24th, 2013, 5:40 am

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If it is even half as good as ‘Psych,’ it will be one of my fav shows. Can't wait to check it out.


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