Jay Baruchel to Write Semi-Autobiographical Comedy for ABC


Jay Baruchel


Writer-actor Jay Baruchel has landed a half-hour comedy project at ABC based on his life. 

The yet-to-be-titled project will be co-written by Baruchel, along with his friend Jesse Chabot who produced the Baruchel-penned feature film 'Goon' in 2011. 20th Century Fox is producing the comedy which will be loosely-based on Baruchel's life, about a famous actor who eschews the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and instead buys a house down the street from his mother in Burlington, Vermont. The main character then invites his two childhood best friends to move in with him and share in his newfound fortune. 

Baruchel, who in real life is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, famously despises the Los Angeles lifestyle and has opted to pursue his acting career from his home country (heck, he even has a Canadian maple leaf tattooed over his heart). Baruchel's disdain for all things L.A. was famously lampooned in the recent hit comedy feature 'This is the End,' where Baruchel played himself, visiting fellow Canadian Seth Rogen in Los Angeles. In one scene in the film, Baruchel mocks the L.A. lifestyle and is deemed a hipster by the other actors at James Franco's party. 

The project was purchased by ABC in a highly-competitive situation, with several networks vying for the opportunity to house it. Baruchel & Chabot will executive produce the series which, as of this writing, does not have Baruchel himself attached to star. Given the success of some of his comedic acting endeavors (including 'Tropic Thunder' and 'The Trotsky'), it would seem like Baruchel starring in this vehicle would be an obvious choice. Here's hoping that the thirty-year old funnyman decides to have a go in front of the camera as well as behind it on this one. 


- Jay Baruchel

Written by: bad_subject
Aug 26th, 2013, 3:50 pm

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