‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale: [SPOILER] Talks Massive ‘A' Reveal

WARNING: If you have not seen last night’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ summer finale DO NOT -- I repeat -- DO NOT read any further, as major spoilers will be revealed!

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale: [SPOILER] Talks Massive ‘A Reveal

Last night was the summer finale of ABC Family’s thrilling hit series ‘Pretty Little Liars' and talk about suffering from major shock, heart palpitations and goosebumps! Yes, I experienced all of those when...wait for it...Ezra was revealed to be ‘A’! Noooooo!

Forget the fact that we found out Alison is pretty much alive. Fans were more concerned with the possibility of Mr. Fitz’s dark side. I think screams could be heard around the world -- and especially on Twitter -- by PLL fans who were absolutely stunned to see everybody’s favorite vest-wearing teacher donned in all black (notice: he's not wearing the traditional black hoodie) entering his creepy, yet very sophisticated and tech-friendly, lair. He did not seem happy and even angrily slammed a door in what seemed to be frustration. I don’t like angry Ezra!

'Pretty Little Liars' Finale: [SPOILER] Talks Massive 'A' RevealWas he mad because the girls found his lair? Or, was he upset because ‘A’ is still torturing his “one true love” Aria? I’d like to think it’s the latter, but who knows as anything can happen on PLL. Also, if you recall, all of these ‘A’ shenanigans started happening when Ezra first came to Rosewood. Hmm...coincidence?

Now everyone is wondering is this really true or is the big ‘A’/”Board-shorts” reveal not what it seems? As we all know, Toby’s A-Teamness didn’t stick. Will the same go for Ezra? If not, it will be heartbreaking to see Aria’s reaction to Ezra’s involvement and not to mention realizing that he might have had a fling with Alison. Whoa. That’s messed up.

Well, Ezra himself aka Ian Harding spoke with several publications about the reveal. So is he the infamous ‘A’? As he told Zap2it, “You know, I honestly don't know. I know that I'm somehow involved in some shady dealings in Rosewood and Ravenswood. To what extent, I don't know. I'm only a few steps ahead of the audience, of the fans. I was told a while ago that there was going to be a dark turn for Ezra, but even [creator] Marlene King was like, 'We know something's going to happen, we have a few ideas, but we're going to play it out and see which way we wanna go with it.'”

He continued, “Am I 'A'? I don't know. Could be, totally. But there's also a possibility that I'm not. But we definitely know that Ezra chilling in a lair full of high-tech gadgetry is not a positive thing."

Harding also noted that he cannot say whether or not if the lair actually belongs to Ezra.

For those that are concerned that Ezria’s (Ezra + Aria) relationship and feelings aren’t genuine, he told, “I don't think he was completely manipulating Aria the entire time. I think there's truth and love there, but how that came to be, I don't know. I do know their relationship will take on a new dynamic now that Ezra is the one keeping a secret from Aria. Whatever form their relationship takes.”

What are your thoughts on Ezra being ‘A’?

UPDATE: According to executive producer Oliver Goldstick, who recently spoke with TVLine, Ezra encompasses a "Jekyll-and-Hyde factor." Yikes! Also, Goldstick said, "I assure you that there is something going on here with Ezra. There is something very real going on here. I can’t give you too much information, but I can tell you it plays out quite beautifully in Season 4B. And Aria’s in danger — well, they all are, but Aria in particular."

Check out Ezra’s ‘A’ revealing here. I get chills every time I watch!

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I can't wait for this to come back in October, and find out where they're going to take this story. I've been a massive fan since Episode 1, and even after 4 years (give or take a few months), they still find ways to suprise me.... good job PLL writers


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