FOX Developing Modern-Day 'Les Misérables'


Les Misérables

If you want to make a big splash on television as a writer these days... well, here's hoping you got started in the 1800's. Both CBS and BBC have hit series ongoing, based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1800's character Sherlock Holmes (both 'Elementary' and 'Sherlock,' respectively). Next, we have competing ABC and NBC programs based on 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,' written in 1865. Perhaps strangest of all, we've got three competing programs coming out based on 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,' from CBS, NBC and Syfy. And now, FOX is jumping into the 1800's adaptation business, with an upcoming modernization of Victor Hugo's 1862 classic 'Les Misérables.' 

Rob Thomas, famous for creating the smash hit 'Veronica Mars' (which has a feature film reunion on the way), has turned to Hugo's most famous work for his next television project. Writer-actor Graham Norris will team with Thomas on the project, which is a contemporary take on 'Les Misérables.' The new take will be a primetime soap opera about a brilliant lawyer running a legal exoneration program Rob Thomaswho fights to evade the consequences of his own unjust conviction many years before. He must navigate high society, continue his mission of saving innocent people, and manage his tumultuous family and romantic life — all while staying one step ahead of a ruthless U.S. Attorney who refuses to let the ghosts of the past die. Sounds like a pretty clever way to weave it into 2013. 

First published in 1862, 'Les Misérables' was a commercially-successful novel from Victor Hugo which was met with mixed critical reviews. There have been several film and radio adaptations of the novel, with the most famous version being the hit 1980 musical which popularized the story for a new generation. In 2012, a feature film adaptation starring Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman earned critical acclaim and multiple Academy Awards. 

What do you think of Rob Thomas' new project? 


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Aug 30th, 2013, 8:33 am

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