NBC Developing Bowling Comedy & Detroit Auto Comedy with Aaron Kaplan


Aaron Kaplan


Aaron Kaplan is a busy man. 

On top of developing the project 'Start-Up' for USA Network and 'The Henchman' for FOX, Kaplan has just sold two new comedies to NBC--the network that is already developing his 'The Mysteries of Laura' into a pilot. It's safe to say that NBC is in the Aaron Kaplan business. 

The first project is a comedy based on a local bowling league, which is presently untitled. Kaplan is Krysten Ritterworking on the project along with Krysten Ritter, better known for her acting than her producing. Ritter is recognizable from her roles on 'Veronica Mars,' 'Gilmore Girls,' 'Breaking Bad,' and her starring turn on 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23.' Kaplan and Ritter have teamed with former 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' writer Liz Vassey to develop a project based on an original idea by Kaplan. The comedy revolves around a group of six friends who meet each Wednesday night for their weekly bowling league and centers on two of them — a couple, now broken up, who refuse to give up custody of their bowling league. Kaplan brought the idea to Ritter because she is reportedly an avid bowler. Who knew?

The second project Kaplan sold is about a Detroit automotive company... which doesn't exactly scream "comedy" at this point in time. On this untitled project, Kaplan has teamed up with 'The Office' producer Justin Spitzer, the current master of single-camera workplace laughs. NBC has made a put pilot commitment to the project, which has absolutely no details available outside of the fact that it will revolve around an automotive plant in the Motor City. It's no secret that Detroit has fallen on hard times, as the city declared bankruptcy back in July. Here's hoping that this project from Spitzer and Kaplan manages to lift the spirits of the people affected by the terrible economic crisis in the region, rather than poking fun at Michigan's misfortunes. 

Which untitled comedy seems the most promising to you? Sound off below!

- Krysten Ritter

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Aug 31st, 2013, 9:25 am

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