Legendary Interviewer and TV Figure David Frost Dies

Sir David Frost

British broadcaster and TV personality Sir David Frost died Saturday while due to give a speech aboard the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship.

In the 1960s, Frost hosted ‘That Was the Week That Was,’ a satirical news programme that could be considered an inspiration for ‘The Daily Show,’ with news, sketches, and political commentary. The show ran on BBC with a later American version of the show on NBC.

For two decades, Frost hosted the celebrity game show, ‘Through the Keyhole.’

David Frost and Richard NixonBut Frost’s most acclaimed work came from his interviews. With shows such as ‘The Frost Report,’ ‘Breakfast with Frost,’ ’The Frost Interview,’ and numerous specials, he provided insightful interviews into the lives of celebrities and political figures. In total, he interviewed eight British prime ministers and seven US presidents—from Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, to Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.

It was the series of interviews with Richard Nixon in 1977 where Frost’s legend as an interviewer grew. Following the 1972 Watergate scandal, Nixon had resigned, but had not said much in regards to his role in his administration’s actions over the alleged break-in to the Democratic National Committee’s Headquarters. Frost got Nixon to admit moral errors in judgment, where he said the now infamous quote, “When the President does it that means that it is not illegal.” These interviews later became the basis of the play ‘Frost/Nixon,’ that was later adapted to a film directed by Ron Howard.     

Sir David Frost’s contributions to television and journalism were plentiful.

He died at the age of 74.

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