Time Warner Cable & CBS Reach Carriage Agreement




It's finally over! As most had been predicting, the looming NFL season proved too much pressure for Time Warner Cable, as they indeed caved today and granted CBS the large increase in carriage fees it wanted from the beginning. In return, TWC retained most of the digital programming rights it sought, plus gained access to the Showtime Anytime service.

Similar to the online HBOGo and MaxGo services, Showtime Anytime allows subscribers to watch programming on computers, smartphones, and other compatible devices on demand. We'll see if Time Warner/Bright House customers feel that this new service is worth the inevitable rate hike all customers will be hit with, including non-Showtime subscribers.

On the bright side, those previously affected by the CBS/Showtime blackout will regain their channels just in time for the final episodes of 'Under the Dome's first season. Too bad those same people have had to resort to "questionable" means to view the final season of 'Dexter' as it has aired. Thanks a lot, incredibly-petty-argument-between-two multi-billion-dollar-corporate-giants; I'm sure you'll gladly reimburse customers for the month of Showtime that they didn't receive.

Such is the power of football. TWC and CBS both knew Americans would have their executives' heads on pikes if they were forced to miss the opening kick-off. Stay tuned to TVRage, as you never know when a bunch of guys in a boardroom will again decide that you can't watch the channels you pay for.

- Under the Dome
- Dexter

Written by: msd85
Sep 2nd, 2013, 6:58 pm

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all the episodes are on demand



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Dexter should have aired!!
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