ABC’s New Show Suburgatory: Emily Kapnek Creates a Hit

ABC’s new hit Suburgatory, created by Emily Kapnek, has become THAT show, the one I look forward to all week, think about from time to time and have a little chuckle at in the middle of a quiet room.  Kapnek, best known for her former hit cartoon creation, As Told by Ginger, has captured a truly unique, satirical yet relatable vibe in Suburgatory.



The show is based in Chatswin, has white picket fences, neighborhood committees and the Chatswin Country Club, where everyone who is anyone frequents.  The show features a teenage girl, Tessa, played by Jane Levy, who’s father George, played by Jeremy Sisto, forces her to move to the dreaded ‘burbs from NYC.  Tessa possesses wit, sarcasm, charm, and is a stark contrast to the other residents of Chatswin. 


The show starts as a comedy but has developed into something else.  Emily Kapnek recently spoke with the Washington Post about the show and said, "That's the thing about this show, It started as comedy ... but there's a lot to explore."


The relationship between Tessa and George and George and the divorcee character, played by Cheryl Hines, has reached great emotional depth.


When asked about the future Kapnek stated, "The show is really a heightened and exaggerated version of suburbia," she said, adding “she hopes her version will be delighting fans for years to come.  Next season she hopes to “explore the relationship between Tessa and the absentee mother who abandoned her as a child.”



Stay Tuned City Dweller and Burb Dwellers alike, Suburgatory is not to be missed.  Check it out Wednesdays on ABC!




Source: WashingtonSquareNews


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Apr 18th, 2012, 12:55 pm

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